WAGS Redefined is a voice and community for the wives and girlfriends of athletes. We are a faith-based media and publishing company devoted to displaying a different side of athlete wives, fiancées, and girlfriends than what is typically advertised in the media.

Our mission is to promote positive images of women and players of the various sport leagues, while connecting, inspiring, educating, and empowering our audience. We desire to influence our community by changing the conversation. 


When WAGS Redefined creator LeShonda Martin Googled “NFL wives” in July of 2015, she did it with the intent of finding an organization of wives to connect with. To her dismay, not only did she fail to find a group for wives, but the only results were articles of someone’s opinion on the hottest and prettiest wives and girlfriends of the league. In fact, the number one result on Google was “28 Hottest Wives of the NFL” and there were dozens more with similar titles. This was discouraging to Martin, and she sought out to make a change within her community. Thus, WAGS Redefined was born. Martin desires for WAGSRedefined.com to be the #1 search result for all things positive and substantial concerning the significant others of athletes.  

A note from our founder...

Eye candy. Gold digger. Trophy wife. - Labels like these.  

“Stay in the kitchen.” “Keep your mouth shut.” “Looking for a come up.” “Nothing going for herself.” - Judgments like these (and from sports “fans”, too).

This is the reason for WAGS Redefined.

We are called to spread love and light in a world of darkness. Yet, when I googled “NFL wives” on the Internet in 2015, the only results I found were articles on the hottest wives and girlfriends of the NFL, according to random individuals. Guess what? You’ll see the same results for “NBA wives”, “MLB wives”, “NHL wives” etcetera. Don’t get me wrong, these ladies are in fact eye candy…but we’re soul food too. Many are excellent mothers holding down the home, often feeling like a single parent due to grueling sports schedules that keep the men away. Some are professional athletes or former collegiate athletes themselves, possibly more talented than their partners. Several are business owners, doctors, lawyers; WAGS are women with longstanding and successful careers. Shouldn’t I find a representation of that somewhere front and center?

There is an increasing need to remind people that professional athlete families are real people, with positive stories of RESILIENCE and VICTORY. It is my pleasure to shed light on a side of the women and players of sport leagues that is rarely portrayed in the media. My focus is on the women (the WAGS) whose voices often go unheard. I hope to empower WAGS to share their stories in efforts to change the media’s discussion and to connect with other women in a similar space.

Everyone has a story. This is ours. 

We are actively redefining what it means to be a “WAG”.  For most people, WAGS has referred to wives and girlfriends of professional athletes, and the stereotypes are not positive ones. We are REDEFINING the term WAGS to show you who we really are, and extraordinary women we are.