5 Healthy Weight Loss Snacks

Snacks can either help you achieve your weight loss goal or they can wreck your diet by sneaking in calories you had not intended to consume. The following healthy weight loss snacks can help you attain and maintain your ideal weight by staving off the munchies and keeping you going between meals.


weight loss snacks


Apples are great weight loss snacks because they are portable, packed with nutrients like vitamin C and each provides just 100 calories.

These delicious fruits can also satisfy sugar cravings and help you feel full for longer because of their high fiber content.

Therefore, pack a couple of apples to snack on-the-go since a Nutrition study found that eating three apples a day helped women lose more weight (1).

Hard Boiled Eggs

healthy weight loss snacks

Hard boiled eggs are other excellent snacks since they are good sources of protein which helps stabilize blood sugar levels and keeps you feeling full for longer.

Their high protein content also makes them great snacks to consume before working out since their amino acids help the body build more muscles.

These white orbs also contain nutrients like vitamins A, B and D as well as omega 3 fatty acids. Their portability also contributes to making them great snacks.


healthy weight loss snacks

Pears are other healthy weight loss snacks since the above study also linked them to losing more weight (1).

Pears also provide a good amount of water and almost 15% of the recommended daily fiber intake. This makes them extremely filling fruits which can keep you feeling satiated until your next meal.

The fact that each pear contains just 100 calories combined with their portability makes them almost perfect weight loss snacks.


healthy weight loss snacks

Popcorn is a fabulous weight loss snack because 5 cups of air-popped popcorn provides just 150 calories.

Popcorn can also be spiced up to help you lose more weight by popping it with thermogenic spices like cayenne pepper and ginger.

Popcorn is also perfect for filling up before a party, especially if it is washed down with lots of water since its high fiber content can keep you feeling full and reduce the urge to binge on calorie-laden party foods.


healthy weight loss snacks

Watermelon also makes an awesome weight loss snack because they contain more than 90% water which keeps you feeling hydrated and satiated.

These juicy fruits also contain nutrients like vitamins A and C, the cancer fighting lycopene and arginine which was shown to reduce fat (2).

These sweet melons can also be eaten liberally to curb sugar cravings because each cup contains a mere 50 calories.


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