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Today our WOTW is media maven Amina Smith. When she's not in front of the camera reporting from the sidelines or dishing the latest in entertainment news, you can find her in the boxing ring! She's the girlfriend of Chicago Bears Safety, Deon Bush, and loves to travel to different countries throughout the year to give back and experience different cultures. Read more about this talented beauty below! 


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I'm originally from Brooklyn, NY. I'm a city girl to the core! I spend most of my time traveling and working (most of the time they're one in the same lol). I travel a lot for work! 

I cover sports and entertainment and both take me all over the country. I'm not sure if there's really ever a "typical" day for a reporter. One day I can be working in NYC, the next in L.A., and the next I could be in Chicago waking up to do a morning show at 2:30am! It's definitely a life of organized chaos. 

I have two style icons, Rihanna and LaLa Anthony. I love how they both can get glammed up and steal the show, but also dress it down and still slay! 

My most recent projects include appearing as a regular host for BET Breaks, covering MTV's VMA's, and reporting for Chicago's brand new morning show The Jam.

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My favorite quote is: "Hard work beats talent when talent doesn't work hard." 


Well said from a WAG who possesses both! We are SO here for it!!

Catch more of Amina and her next media move on social media @aminajadetv


Featured WAGS, Asha Still: Her journey, HIS way

Featured WAGS, Asha Still: Her journey, HIS way

Meet Asha Still, wife of Houston Texans' Devon Still.  Asha is as strong as she is sweet, as sincere as she is straight forward and as gorgeous as she is gracious.

"JUST" a Wife?

Despite what you see on TV and on the blogs, most of the women in the NFL are educated, dedicated and driven. They run their husband’s foundations, their own businesses and they hold down their families like I’ve never seen before. They aren’t all stay at home moms either.  There are some women that work full time and others (like myself) who chose not to move with their men and instead make the decision to continue their education. When my now husband first began his NFL  journey, we were uncertain of his longevity and his future.  He went undrafted and after a season ending injury during his senior year- it wasn’t until 8 months after the draft that he got the call to play again. At the time, it didn't feel like it was in my best interest to move with him so I stayed in Texas.

Staying in Texas was a hard decision- a decision that I made for three straight seasons.  During those three seasons; I worked full time, had a baby, earned a Masters degree and got married.  And after every major life change, I still made the decision to stay (where I was).  There were people who called me selfish and said that I would “miss out on being an NFL wife” and that “men of this caliber want their women to stay home.”  They speculated about his fidelity and the strength of our relationship and because of this, I often felt anxious and uncertain. 

It was never easy but, we trusted each other and knew ourselves. We both had dreams and goals before we met one other and respected the other enough to pursue those goals together and apart. I often wanted to miss those early morning flights home after a late night playoff game—but in retrospect, I’m glad I didn’t.

I’ve met many women around the league who work full time, went to graduate school, law school and even medical school.  These women are teachers, reporters and photographers.  Many do not make those moves across the country for 1-year deals or uncertain contracts.  Some live in their home towns until after training camp to be sure their man is on the final roster.  But, in the end we are all sacrificing something to make sure our families are "set" for the future and that is whether you are a stay at home mom or a career women.  There is not one "cookie cutter" way to be a supportive wife and mother and because of THAT, we should never feel guilty.