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5 Ways to Stay Sane During Training Camp


By: Diana Holmes

A drop of sweat trickles down a knit brow to the tip of the nose and slowly drops on the grass between a pair of shoes. Inhale, exhale, inhale, exhale. Huge, deep breaths to regain any sort of breath composure...That's me running after my son in the month of August because I'm out of shape. And you thought I was doing a clever, lyrical depiction of what my husband goes through at training camp, haha.

Training camp is one of the most physically and mentally exhausting parts of football season--for both player and family. So I decided to put a list together of things to do during this next month.

  • Work Out! Stay sane and get those endorphins pumping with a nice workout. This one is tough for a lot of the moms out there because of the whole 'no babysitter' thing but even going for a run with the stroller can change your whole mentality. I usually go running when I'm having a bad day and it helps to clear my busy mind. In the famous words of Elle Woods, "Exercise gives you endorphins. Endorphins make you happy. Happy people just don't shoot their husbands, they just don't. " So there's that.
  • Build Friendships. Admit it or not, we all morph into homebodies during the season. It seems like plans always get made and canceled because we don't get much time with our guys during season, so we try and capitalize on any we can get. Take training camp as an opportunity to build your friendships or make new ones. Dinner, wine tasting, play-dates--whatever!
  • Work Towards A Goal. Set a goal for yourself to achieve. Plan to run a race at the end of the month, join a book club, or declutter your house. The options are really quite endless. You'll keep busy while working towards something that will empower your self-confidence.
  • Support, Support, Support!I always get an attitude during camp because it's always frustrating. Andre is exhausted and never has much time to talk. If you're in the same state, you maybe see each other once a week--not to mention all the added stress they experience. It takes a toll on the relationship so this one is the hardest for me. Send care packages, inspirational quotes, Bible verses--anything helps.

Our significant others and their teammates will spend the next four weeks improving their skills and pushing themselves to better their craft. Why shouldn't we do the same?

Game Day

Game Day

One thing I do miss about the time my husband spent playing football, is game day. I know for my husband, game day was a culmination of practicing, time away from family and film watching; everything led up to Sunday.

Camaraderie over Cattiness

So, let me start off by saying I’m new to this world. Before I started dating my boyfriend, the world of WAGS and football seemed deeply mysterious and cloak-and-dagger. My perception was based off of what I read and saw, although I took this with a grain of salt, because making TV for a living let me know that situations are often glamorized and edited for drama. Yet and still, the stereotype is/was that WAGs are catty beauty queens who couldn’t care about anything beyond themselves, and needless to say, I didn’t want any parts of it. Long story short, after a beautiful friendship, then courtship, my boyfriend won me over with his intelligence, kind heart, and love of fishing, hiking, and hunting, oh, and did I mention he’s fine? But I digress, lol. The closer it drew to the season, the more activities I participated in with the team. I met some wonderfully talented, kind-hearted women at galas and dinners who welcomed me with open arms and vowed to show me the WAGS ropes. They fit no preconceived notion that I had. Their openness immediately shocked and warmed this cynical journalist's heart so I let my guard down. One particular woman was quick to show me the ropes, even though she’d just become a WAG herself. She picked me up from the airport when I flew in while B was practicing, I rode with her to camp, talked to her about the season, even let her in about my family- the way I was raised and how I felt about losing my mother a year ago. I trusted her. Stood up for her, and shared one of the most intimate parts of my life with her — my man. Slowly but surely she started talking to me and telling me the "business" of other WAG women that I barely knew. And then, through a series of unfortunate events, I found out that she’d been gossiping and talking about me. I should have known, my mama always said "if a dog will bring a bone, he’ll (or she’ll) carry it." She took my candidness for weakness, spread lies about me, including me being a gold digger (although I came to my relationship with money, a flourishing career, and everything in my name.) She even talked about my curves, my upbringing (my parents had been married 43 years before my mama died so somehow this made me “spoiled”), called me “Insta Thotty” because of the amount of followers I have-even with a feed that's devoid of risqué photos. She basically turned everything I told her into a falsehood or a reason she thought, that I thought I was better. Yes, I could have brushed it off of my shoulders as jealousy — let it go. I didn’t let on that I knew at first. I just sat back and waited for her to do it again. Screenshots from conversations she’d had about me confirmed my suspicions. Mind you - six months ago, I didn’t know this woman. I still don’t really know her but, through her lies and cattiness, her character was unfortunately revealed to me.


There are three things that don’t fly with me. Don’t talk about my God, my family (which includes my close friends) or my man. When lies got back to him from her mouth, I knew her drama had gone too far. How dare she? This isn’t Love & Hip Hop, this is real life. Drama during the season is a "no no" and during that period in time, we hadn’t even had our first home game. I let her know to keep our names out of her mouth and keep her drama and pathology to herself. I can bare the brunt of gossip — but to bring it to my doorstep? No. Why am I writing this proverbial dear John letter you ask? It’s because I thought of this: The world of professional sports goes beyond the field and the court. The support, love, and care we give our men — how happy and comfortable we make them is intrinsically tied to their success. But in that same vein, the support we give each other-woman to woman is so important as well. We share the same worries, the same fears, the same highs and the same excitement. As WAGS we understand the extra responsibilities that come along with dating our men, the stewardship, the service. We understand each other when it comes to this NFL world — best. We should be there for each other and we should be above the cattiness. We should seek to edify and uplift each other, support each other in person and in Christ. The world is judgmental enough towards women without adding the white noise of gossip to each other’s lives. I pulled this young lady up and I’ve forgiven her in my heart already because that’s what a Christian does. No need for negativity. If anything, I feel bad for her because whatever or whoever you believe in whether it be reciprocity or karma — they’re both real. When you aren’t supportive of one woman simply because you have unfounded hatred and immaturity in your heart, who will want to be around you and in turn support you? No one wants that negativity and hatred in their wheelhouse.

The season is officially here ladies! Let’s make an extra effort to support each other, to add happiness and positivity to one another's lives. Let’s all be the antithesis of the woman in this post. We all fall short but let’s stand up for camaraderie instead of cattiness.

Growing in God

Usually I can just sit down and start writing. The words just seem to flow but this time was different. I was nervous and anxious but I wasn't sure why. Despite knowing what I wanted to write about, I kept delaying the inevitable. Why wasn't it flowing? Why was I being so hesitant about writing this time? Was it because it was too personal or hitting a little too close to home? Or maybe I wasn't making it a priority. I decided "enough was enough" and I needed to get this out. I believe that if God puts something on your heart, you better listen. No need to miss blessings because of laziness. Throughout my journey in growing in God, I have tried to be a better person, making adjustments here and there just like we all do. Most of those changes didn't cause much of a fuss in my life and seemed easy— but then God challenged me. Why was it okay for me to grow in God but not others?

Therefore let us stop passing judgment on one another. Instead, make up your mind not to put any stumbling block or obstacle in the way of a brother or sister. - Romans 14:13 NIV

We are all guilty of judging others. No matter how many church services we attend or holy communions we take, at some point in our lives we have judged someone else. Whether it be how they dress, how they look, or even how they raise their children. We have all done it. Primarily we judge others based on how their behavior or actions measure up to our moral compass. This is a part of life but I realized that even if the person has changed, often we don't allow the perception of how we think of them to change. We create this barrier in our minds that blocks out their growth. We refuse to believe that our pettiness is no longer warranted or excusable. I was guilty of all of these things. Why was I still holding on to stuff people did in college or even last year? How could I grow in God but not give them the grace that God so eagerly gives to us?

After the nagging feeling just wouldn't go away, I started to evaluate myself. I realized that whatever I was holding on to was holding me back from being greater. So I made a decision that I would allow others to grow in God. Who was I to refuse that? If someone reached out or apologized for their wrongs, I wouldn't secretly wish they didn't so I could be the “better person.” Also, I decided to not let the opinions of others prevent me from developing my own opinion of someone. Just like I grew, others can too.

As women in this crazy NFL life it is easy to just judge others or refuse to associate with someone based on who they used to be. As women we should challenge one another to grow in God not through criticism or judgment but through love. Growing in God is a blessing that is not limited to the few that qualify; it is open to everyone.

How Financially Responsible Are You?

  1. 78% of NFL players are bankrupt or dealing with deep financial stress within two years of retirement
  2. Athletes will likely earn 70-90% of their lifetime earnings before age 35
  3. The average NFL career lasts 3.3 years

Don't those statistics just put you in a great mood? After seeing the numbers, it's no surprise that money has been one of the biggest arguments in our household. Especially with the added stress of such a generous amount of money coming in for such a short period of time--and everyone knowing about it. Money is one of the top five areas the average couple fights about, so take some time and evaluate your financial responsibilities. I wish I could take you back to high school and provide you with a fun, Cosmopolitan-esque quiz, but this will have to do...

Financial Transparency

Deception comes in many shapes and sizes and is one of the hardest things to deal with when money is involved. Salary, spending, giving, saving, etc. should all be discussed and talked about regularly. Omitting/hiding spending is a slippery slope that can end up hurting your partner and your family's future. Make sure to sit down with each other and discuss your spending boundaries and habits.

money meme 2
money meme 2
  • Have you and your spouse made and maintained a budget?
  • Do you hide or omit spending from your significant other?
  • Do either of you make big, financial decisions without discussing it first?

Financial Adviser

Having a relationship with your financial adviser is crucial in maintaining a healthy financial status. Monitoring your monthly statements ensures your money is being properly handled.

  • Where is your money being allocated?
  • Does your financial adviser have POA (Power of Attorney)?
  • What are you paying your adviser each year?


Buying things we can't afford is an American tradition. Break the cycle by making smart decisions. Plan out your debt-free goals and also your expectations on how to achieve those goals.

  • What's your family's collective debt?
  • How much are you spending on interest for things you could pay off now?
  • What's your credit score and are you monitoring and maintaining it?

Giving or Lending

kevin hart
kevin hart

This is usually the hardest financial area to compromise on within a relationship. Attempt to keep open communication with your partner on your thoughts and feelings when it comes to giving out money. Make sure you map out how you, as a couple, will handle people when they come to you for money.

  • Are people taking advantage of you and your financial situation?
  • Do they expect you to give/lend them money (it's never fair for someone to make you feel guilty for their own situation)?
  • Are they living above their means(cable packages, dining out, phone plans, etc.)?

I realize these topics can get heated and have a lot of emotion behind them. My hope is that the discussion of finances doesn't overwhelm you but actually empower you to take control of your future.

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Happy "Wife", Happy Life

Hey Ladies! So preseason is over, YAY!! Have y’all adjusted yet? I know, for myself, having Tevin home this past month to help with the kids has been missed greatly. And yes, it is also hard for the guys to be away as much as they are during the day and not be able to communicate as often as we would like. As we gear up for the season this month, whether you have kids, or not, here are a few ways to help you transition into one of the busiest times of our year!

1) Find outlets outside of football/ "SAHM" life

For me, being a stay at home mom is seriously the biggest blessing I could ask for. With that being said, it’s hard work. By no means does it feel like a luxury. I knew that I needed other things to focus on rather than slowly lose my sanity in this crazy life of mine. I love being creative so what I did as my outlet was start my own business. This gives me the incentive I need to push myself as well as motivation to take personal time every now and then. A good friend of mine, Sara, wife of Washington Redskins Ziggy Hood, says her outlets are working out and cooking. They always say the way to a man's heart is through his stomach and I’m pretty sure she nailed that one!


2) Find a routine that works for you and stick to it


Whether it’s taking a morning jog or making sure that your children nap at a certain time so that you have a moment of peace-it is important to remember, “you can’t pour from an empty pot.” Being the best mom that you can be requires to be the best YOU that you can be. Having a nap time schedule and an early bed time is one the the best ways you can achieve time for yourself.

3) Take time for yourself and your friendships

I have met SO many amazing women through WAGS Redefined. The lifestyle that we live is a very unique one so it’s also harder than most people would understand. Who better to help you get through things like camp, preseason and season than those who are going through it as well? If you haven’t ventured out and followed people via social media than I suggest that you do so! Outside of #WAGSR, I encourage you to have a life outside of your home where you are able to be yourself.

4) Get dressed and ready for the day

I am SO guilty of not doing this. I get busy doing other things and before I know it it’s noon and I am still wearing the same clothes I wore yesterday. It’s tough but I know when I look good, I feel good. It’s easy to get stuck in a rut and let yourself get down. Sara (@embracingbeautybysara_) has a beauty blog that gives me life! She has two children and somehow still manages to get a workout in and have her makeup done almost every day.


5)  Make sure that at the end of day, you talk to your man!

I’m aware of how stressful their days are and can be. But it’s also very important for the two of you to stay connected. Make time at the end of the day to vent to each other and relax. As a stay at home mom, it’s crucial to your sanity to have adult interactions and especially when your toddler's day was "ruined" because you gave him the red cup and not the blue cup.


So, whether you’re a full time mom, entrepreneur, going to school or working to find out what fits you- each role is important. As Sara said best when I asked her to give me a tip or two: “The key is to not be so caught up in our men that we lose ourselves and our mind in the process.  That's why finding a hobby to lift our spirits, whether it’s through fitness or makeup, is so important (especially when you’re a mother). After all, Happy wife, Happy life- right?”


53-Destiny or Disappointment?

 Prayer by Brandy Ford, Founder; Game Changers 180

Father, I thank You for being God all by yourself.  You are such a loving, caring, all-knowing and all-seeing God.  Lord, there are families that are enduring transitions, trades, and cuts within the NFL.  This is the time of year that so many are leaning, trusting and depending on You.  Father, favor these families according to Your will and purpose for their lives.  Open slots for them, give them open doors of opportunities and provide unto them smooth transitions.  Lord, I ask for peace over these families. Peace in their hearts, peace in their minds and peace in their spirits. Bring a spirit of calmness to their individual homes.  Allow these families to stand knowing You have a great purpose for them and their futures.  Father, cover these families even while they sleep. I come against the spirit of fear, anxiety and stress that would try to weigh them down and release the spirit of peace, joy and rest. Lord, You know the plans and the thoughts that You think towards them. Thoughts of good and not of evil to give them an expected end. Now let Your word cover their minds and hearts, stir up and strengthen their faith levels for increase and set their feet on a firm foundation in You. In Jesus name I pray, Amen.

Article by Grace Allen

The idea for this specific post came to me after I realized that I was having a repetitive conversation with a few different women, from different teams, in different cities, a few days in a row.  I started thinking that maybe “its” something that more women out there are thinking about with fear, dread, worry, anticipation etcetera, and maybe we don’t all have someone that we can turn to to talk about “it.”  “It” being the 53- man roster that is quickly approaching.  Prior to football, who would've ever thought that 53 would be such a number of significance?  Surely not me, that is until we experienced exactly just how small of a number 53 really is and how the 53 club was not one that we were, for lack of better terms “invited” our first year in the NFL.  I have personally been on the outside waiting to get in, and so that I am not taken as being insensitive, indifferent or apathetic, I'll go ahead and share our story quickly before you read any further.


My husband, Ricardo, was drafted to the Falcons in the 5th round in 2014 as a corner out of Purdue University. Feeling on top of the world after the draft call was received, we had no idea what really lied ahead of us in the upcoming months. Fast forward to training camp in 2014, Rico found himself on a deeeeeep depth chart at the cornerback position behind a few super talented drafted Falcons players, as well as a handful of other super talented free agents who were signed to the Falcons training camp roster. As the preseason games unfolded, depth charts fluctuated and bubble lists made their appearance (while I simultaneously made it my job to search Twitter for the opinions of everyone and their mother); we started to get the vibe that maybe, just maybe, we wouldn't be calling Atlanta home come the end of training camp. It was STRESSFUL, SCARY and it felt like an out of body experience because how does ones “dream come true” (aka draft) just a few weeks prior, and yes, being dramatic here but really- how does it turn into "dreams crashing down" just a few weeks later? Well, my friends, that is the world that we live in and that my friends is exactly what happened. Rico was cut and then signed to the practice squad where he spent 14 weeks and moved to the active roster for the last two games of the season. But, enough of my story because that isn't really what this post is about.  I just wanted all of you to know that I am speaking on something that I am SO VERY FAMILIAR with. And if you're wondering, this story worked out for us and it will for you too.

Let’s just get right to it— this time of year SUCKS. No kinder way to phrase it. It is scary and we have zero control which makes it even scarier. The reality is that most of us are kind of just waiting to know the destiny of our men which also means the destiny of us, our families, our homes and our lives. A small percentage of us know that our men are going to make the roster and for those-I am so truly very happy because you 100% deserve this dream! The reality is while most couples are dealing with similar things such as potential job loss, being fired, demoted,  transferred, etcetera, it is much further into their lives.  Most of us in the league are young. We are not only learning ourselves but we are learning each other-our relationships, marriages, raising our kids and on top of that, we are constantly living in a state of major life changes and last minute decisions. From "will we have a job this year" to "will our kids have to move to a new school mid-season" to "buy or rent?" to "should I go back to school " AND the list goes on!  It is hard. (Btw, I promise that this post is going to look up...just keep reading if you're still with me.)


As we all know by now, the best things in life are the things that don't always come so easy. They're the things that we have to fight for, that make us question our desire to give up, the struggles and eventually what we overcame as a result of our trials. Those are the parts of life that we appreciate the most. Although it isn't easy (and 99.9% of the world knows nothing about these specific struggles that we face or why an article such as this even exists), just know that we were created for these moments. There is a reason that God chose US to be the women at our men’s side. There is a reason that God chose US to be the mamas to our precious babies that at this time of year pretty much only see our faces. It is because He knows that we have enough faith in Him to see through all of these trials that are quite frankly so often, so far beyond our years and our experiences but He knows that we are strong enough. You've made it this far, and this is just the beginning. Embrace whatever it is that lies ahead of you and yours this weekend. Embrace the role that you have been given. Whether it be a starting position, a practice squad spot or anything in between. An opportunity is an opportunity and as we all know, things change quickly in the world of football. As the woman "behind" your man, be that and be as much of just that as you possible can. Lets stand firm, stand strong and stand "behind" him regardless of where you find yourselves following this weekend. The most important thing of all is that you are unwavering. The entire world is their critic but, WE are their safe place. Hug them tight, thank them for working so hard for you and your family and make sure that you give yourself...grace upon grace.

Wishing you all the best and hope to meet you all face to face someday, Grace Allen


The Power of Community: Why Being A Mean Girl is SO Last Year


So, I am not going to lie, it's 5:39pm and my deadline is 7pm TODAY and clearly I have been putting this one off because... I usually plan ahead what I am going to write about because you know, after all- special people such as you are taking time out of your busy life to read what I have to say so I at least owe you that to plan what I am going to share.  But, today again (because we aren't lying to one another) I had no idea what I was going to write about until I opened up my blank document and the thoughts started to flow.  Granted, two hours and twenty minutes before kickoff of preseason game #2 and an hour before my house was filled with all of the lovely ladies that I am lucky enough to do this crazy world of football with.  And that is when it hit me; I am going to write about the power of community and why it is so last year to be mean, judgmental, and quite frankly appear “too good” for the other women that are living this NFL life WITH us.

Ok, I am going to put this out there: there is hands down NOTHING more intimidating than the first day you roll up to your significant others training camp and look around at all of the insanely gorgeous women. If you are anything like me; my first day coming to Rico’s camp three years ago, I truly started to wonder how the heck I was going to make friends, let alone fit in. There are so many stereotypes of what a “WAG” is supposed to be; how we are supposed to act, dress, look, etc and prior to getting to know anyone- I believed what I had heard.  I believed that everyone would be stuck up, I believed that everyone would have more money than they knew what to do with it, I believed that this industry could quite frankly have the potential to change me for the worse and I was scared.

Obviously, I was SO wrong. I have met some of the most amazing women and I truly don't know where I would be in this crazy world without them. Rico and I have been fortunate enough to be with the Falcons for three years so I would say that I now am one of the women who could potentially be intimidating to someone new to the game.  Having said that, I promised myself three years ago that if we were lucky enough to be here for a length of time, I would do my absolute best to make others feel welcome- in whatever way that I could.


All I can say is this; take the chance and reach out, introduce yourself to somebody new or invite everyone over for pizza and wine to watch the game when the guys play out of town.  You don't have to become "besties", but the truth is that we can all use someone to do football season with and being a mean girl is so last year.

Behind the Scenes-From the Lens of a Scouting WAG


When thinking of the NFL, the first thing most people think of is the players which was my initial thought as well. Then, I met Jim and realized all the work that goes into the “behind the scenes” aspect of the NFL. With that being said, I am so excited to share with you ladies my views of being a girlfriend of a scout. It all started last summer when my boyfriend got a job as the scouting intern for the Kansas City Chiefs. He is a former football player and when he mentioned he got the job with the Chiefs, I was so excited for him that he was still able to work around his passion for football! Downside of things: it was 1,300 miles away from me in Connecticut. Our relationship was long distance for the majority of our time together. I was a dance teacher back in Connecticut and not ready to leave my students, while he was going to be a busy intern and traveling played a huge role in his job. Moving to a new city, not knowing anyone and having Jim travel a lot was terrifying to me so I was ready to take on the challenge of a long distance relationship! Trust me when I say last season was not an easy time and the distance really showed us how strong our love is.

Fast forward to this season! I have officially moved and joined Jim in Kansas City and I couldn’t be happier. Jim is no longer an intern and is now working full time for the team and I am ready to take on this season. Since I know what is coming, I am much more prepared for the amount of traveling that goes into scouting and all the late nights that are ahead! Living with him now will make a huge difference in our relationship because when he travels, I know he will be coming home to me soon enough. Last year was very hard trying to coordinate weekends that he wasn’t traveling with weekends I wasn’t involved in a show with my dance students. I would go one to three months without seeing him and it never became easier.

Thankfully, we no longer have to do that and let me tell you it was worth the wait! I am so excited to experience Kansas City and Chiefs Kingdom! Recently, I was able to go to a few training camp practices and the first preseason game where I felt so welcomed by the Chiefs and it was nice to talk to some other wives and girlfriends of scouts! I look forward to meeting more ladies and can’t wait to continue to share my journey!


Featured WAGS, Devi Brown: Power Player, Motivator, Mover & Shaker


“Often times once a woman is married, society treats us as though you are merely a sum of your husband’s actions and successes. I’ve worked so hard on my own for so long (that) I don’t want my life and career to just get pushed up under his umbrella of professional football.  There is plenty of room for both of us to follow our passions and shine brightly!” Devi Brown

Power Player. Wife. Radio personality. Media maven. Centered. Passionate. Ambitious. Gorgeous. Heart of gold.  All of these and more describe Devi Brown, wife of Houston Texans, Duane Brown.  Devi has built her entire career perfecting her brand; a brand that she's worked relentlessly to create and craft and with great success- be it behind the mic, in front of the camera or beside her man.

Name: Devi Brown (and in the radio world “Devi Dev”)

Husband/Team(s): Duane Brown #76, Left Tackle for the Houston Texans

On Devi:

What #hashtag describes you best?

#Adventure #Seeker #Resilient I know you asked for one haha but those three really sum me up as a woman. I look at life as an adventure and try to make every moment feel like one whether I am home in Houston or traveling abroad. I’m also someone who is constantly seeking to learn, grow and evolve. And like many women reading this, I pride myself in being a resilient woman. Someone who will rise no matter what life throws at her.


Where are you originally from and how did you get to where are now?  

I was born and raised in Los Angeles, California. That’s also where I started my career while in college (go CSUN!) at radio station 93.5 KDAY. I grew to where I am today by never taking no for an answer and always looking to evolve in my career. I started like a lot of people in radio by landing a couple internships and just grinding it out until it turned into real money and always seizing opportunities. That internship at 18 eventually led me to being an on-air personality, music director and TV host with a couple cross -country moves to work in New York City and now Houston.

On NFL Life:

How did you meet your Husband?

Well, if you let Duane tell it, he was listening to me on the radio and really liked my voice which led him to look me up online and try to meet me. He popped up at a birthday party I was having and introduced himself.  A few weeks later he asked me out to A Tribe Called Quest documentary that was in theaters and we were kind of inseparable after that. We ended up getting engaged within three months and married a few months after that. Life moves fast! Haha.


Tell us about some of your fondest NFL/WAGS moments?   

I’ve really enjoyed the atmosphere that our owners create for us in Houston. The McNair’s and the Texans staff are really phenomenal people with huge hearts. We have a lot of fun together and they promote and create an atmosphere of major community involvement. Recently, we had some bad flooding in the city and they stepped up by making huge donations to the victims and gave us a really beautiful opportunity to get out and serve the people of Houston at one of the shelters in an area where people were hit the hardest. That moment meant a lot to me. Another not-so-happy but really meaningful moment was this past season when my husband got injured. I was hysterical in the training room after they carted him off the field with a torn quad and I'll never forget seeing Hannah McNair, one of our owners, literally run to me with tears in her eyes and wrap me in a tight hug. Everyone there rallied around us and for weeks, sent food to the house and lifted our spirits with visits and messages. We felt really blessed!

Behind the Brand:

Who is Devi Dev and is she the same or different from Devi Brown?

Devi Dev and Devi Brown are one in same, Devi Brown is just the 2.0 version that has been able to branch out into different areas of media and philanthropy. I’m ready to merge my personal and professional passions. Some of my friends and long times listeners were like “Oh No! What is happening to Devi Dev?!” after I changed my social handles and website but, I’ve been explaining to people that even though I understand the brand equity I’ve built up in that name- I’m also ready to broaden my horizons outside of the hip hop radio world and using my real name is a long term investment.  Plus… the core of each is still DEVI and as far as I know I’m the only one that goes by that, haha! I think slowly it will all fall into place.

What are you most proud of in your career?

I think this moment in time is what I’m most proud of. I’m taking the time to really evolve my brand, drop the things that I’ve outgrown and celebrate and push forward the things I’m really passionate about. These include: impactful conversations with artists and entertainers, spiritual journeys and women’s empowerment.  In this last week, I launched my new self-discovery platform "Karma Bliss" which I am really excited about! We are a lifestyle and retail brand centered around connecting people with the tools needed to grow and stretch their inner selves. Over this last year I became certified by Deepak Chopra's Chopra Center to teach primordial sound meditation. I knew last summer after having spent a few years going to retreats and seminars that I deeply wanted to connect young professionals and busy women with an outlet to help them start some internal dialogue and become centered. We all spend so much time investing in our careers, families, and spouses that sometimes we are not making those same deposits into our spirits. I'm so thrilled is now officially live and I hope you check it out!


How do you balance your own identity/brand/fans with your husband’s equally successful career?

Thankfully, it’s actually pretty easy. What we do is so different that it allows us to really be fans of each other and to stay in our own lanes. He’ll listen to me on the radio as he goes through his day and of course, I’m at all the games cheering my heart out. It works out pretty good fan wise too because he has fans that may not have been familiar with my show but now because they love him they have become loyal listeners of mine. The reverse of that is that I have a reach outside of Houston, where people who may not have been fans of the Texans or familiar with Duane are checking for him and supporting what he does.  We do a lot of events together but I also try to keep a healthy distance between my brand and his. I want people to still be able to relate and identify with me for the work that I do and who I am individually.  Often times once a woman is married, society treats us as though you are merely a sum of your husband’s actions and successes. I’ve worked so hard on my own for so long I don’t want my life and career to just get pushed up under his umbrella of professional football.  There is plenty of room for both of us to follow our passions and shine brightly!

Tell us about Power Play Women, your program that you started to serve as a mentor platform for young women entering the industry?

So as we speak I am launching a foundation called “The Devi Brown Project: Moving Women Forward” which is where I will be funneling my mentorship work in place of PPW. I’m really excited about this project. Mentoring ladies in media is something that's really important to me but my workload doesn't allow for me to do as much "one on one" stuff anymore. With this foundation, it gives me the chance to not only continue to share what I’ve learned but to also bring other successful women on board to do the same. Our Mission: The Devi Brown project propels women to fulfill their potential and empowers them to pursue their dreams. Our Vision: The Devi Brown project does this by providing women with capital and business resources, education and vocational training, and networking and mentorship opportunities.

On Devi 2.0:

What do you know now that you wish you knew “then?”  This can pertain to NFL Life, career, personal etc.

I wish I knew to be gentler with myself and to trust the universe more. To be present. That you are the only one who can give yourself peace. When you’re dream chasing-you tend to put A LOT of pressure and inner criticism on yourself. When I was getting started, I did so much of that. Looking back now I realize how many beautiful moments I missed and how many opportunities I did not appreciate because I couldn't get out of my own mind. If I had the inner peace THEN that I have now….Man! But then again, everything unfolds in the time that it’s supposed to.

Have you arrived?  If not; what’s next?

I don’t think I will ever think I’ve arrived because I want to do so much more and reach so many more people. I definitely work hard but I find myself always thinking of how much harder I should be working. I want to find ways to foster deep connections between media and its consumers. I definitely want to grow more in television. I previously hosted an ensemble talk show for MTV which was an incredible learning experience and recently I’ve been doing fun stuff with the morning news team at Houston’s CBS affiliate. After working primarily in music- driven Hip Hop radio the past 10 years, I’m working now to transition into more talk-based radio. I'm looking to do more writing and mindful work as well.


God is in CONTROL

God is not a man, so he does not lie. He is not human, so he does not change his mind. Has he ever spoken and failed to act? Has he ever promised and not carried it through?Numbers 23:19 NLT In preparation for training camp and this upcoming football season, I couldn’t help but share a word that SPEAKS for itself! And in fact, after reading this scripture multiple times, I’m led to believe that maybe the title of this blog is a little misleading, because God is not only in control…but He is in “complete” control. We may not have all the answers for our future, and we may not have any idea whatsoever of what is going to happen, but what we do have is a promise from God that He cannot lie, that He does not change His mind, that He has never failed to act, and that He has never failed to carry through!!!!!


You see… God isn’t trying to figure this thing out as he goes. He is not oblivious to what is about to happen. He knows! God is omniscient, omnipotent, and omnipresent.

There is an unspoken level of peace that develops on the inside of us when we are sure of who God is, and we are familiar with His nature. So, I want to take some time to address the nature of our God, in hopes of you getting the revelation during this specific season that God is in “complete” CONTROL despite the uncertainty of our situations.

  1. God is omniscient- omniscient simply means all knowing, to have an infinite level of understanding. Therefore, God knows all and understands all things. When we worry, God knows it…that’s why He commands us to not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself. Each day has enough trouble of its ownMatthew 6:34NIV. So take this season by having enough faith that extends day by day…don’t worry about the provisions for tomorrow, because God already knows what tomorrow holds. He is so omniscient that even the very hairs of your head are numbered Matthew 10:30 NIV. I don’t know about you, but I can’t even count the number of hairs on my eye lashes nevertheless my head, so lets just trust God to give us His daily bread, because He is in “complete” CONTROL.
  1. God is omnipotent- omnipotent means having unlimited power and able to do anything! WOW!!!! I just got speechless, no literally, I had to take a moment to get my words back together to finish this blog! God’s power is truly UNLIMITED!! That means God can do anything in any situation for anybody! I know you have heard and read this scripture a million times already, but it's true…with man this is impossible, but with God all things are possible Matthew 19:26 NIV. Whatever you are believing God to do in this season you must know that you can’t do it without Him. Philippians 4:13 KJV says you can do all things through Christ who gives you strength. The key word here is “through” meaning you have to relinquish whatever hold and control you think you have over your situation, and let the Lord get right in the middle of what looks absolutely impossible. God is in “complete” CONTROL.
  1. God is omnipresent- omnipresent means to be present everywhere at the same time; it's widely and constantly encountered. The presence of God is with you always! And be sure of this: I am with you always, even to the end of the age Matthew 28:20. How peaceful is this promise? That no matter what, Jesus promises to be with us always! He promises to be with us when we are confused and when we are sure, when we are hurt and when we are healed, when we are happy and when we are sad, when we lose and when we win…He is with us ALWAYS! So if we are certain that the Lord is with us constantly, then we know that He is in “complete” CONTROL at all times!

It is my prayer that in spite of our current circumstances we know and we operate in this understanding that God is sovereign and He is in “complete” CONTROL. I pray that the emphasis of His control throughout this blog settles every impending thought that has brought -discouragement, worry, fear, doubt, uncertainty, and disbelief into our lives -be broken down, and that this word of hope takes root into our hearts and becomes the foundation for which we approach training camp and the rest of this football season. For we know that God is all knowing, God is all powerful, and God is always with us! I pray that from this point on, we will move forward in ridiculous faith knowing that regardless of whatever happens, God is still in “complete” CONTROL. Amen!


Written by Contributors, Angel Palacios & Grace Allen

Grace Allen

Married to: Ricardo Allen, Falcons

Oh, for the love of camp. No, not your favorite summer camp, or “glamping" with your best girlfriends, but, the, ever anticipated FOOTBALL TRAINING CAMP. If you are anything like me, you feel as if those super anticipated four weeks off are going to magically last forever, and then before you know it, you're packing your mans belongings and sending him away for what you and I (and they) know will be a stress packed few weeks away from home. Saying goodbye to the man of the home is never easy, especially when the kiddos have to say goodbye to daddy too. With the recommendation of a fellow WAG, Angel and I have decided to collaborate to come up with a simplified “Camp Packing List” to make your life (and ours) a bit easier. Take what speaks to you, and leave the rest! Happy packing & happy football season!

1. His Bible (or other form of inspiration)

If your man is strong in his faith, don't let him leave home to face the stressors of training camp without The Word in his bag. To make it even easier on him (and to make it feel like you’re right there with him) use post-it notes, or somehow tab specific verses with notes along the lines of “read this when you need to be encouraged”, “read this when you are tired”, “read this when you need to be reminded of how valuable you are”, etc.

2. Pictures

There is nothing like a photo to capture a memory, or to cause you to feel a certain emotion (just look at my instagram and you'll know immediately how much I cherish capturing everything in picture form:). Print off some of your favorite photos of the two of you, your family, pets, etc. There is a really cool feature with the Walgreens app that allows you to print off your Instagram photos in the perfect,little, Instagram squares (hello efficiency, simplicity and being able to fit more in a locker).


3. Epsom Salt

Lots of long and tiring hours in the heat and sun leads to sore and achy muscles. One of my favorite things to do for R is to run him an epsom salt bath. Sometimes, if I am feeling extra fancy, i’ll add a few drops of Lavender essential oil to help him relax his mind, as well as his body. My favorite brand is Dr. Teal’s, you can pick it up mostly anywhere, but I typically grab it at Target (because who doesn't want an excuse to make a Target run?:) Dr. Teal’s actually makes a bag that is infused with the lavender essential oil, so its a two for one deal!


4. Snacks

If you have ever looked at the schedule for a day of camp, it is structured down to the minute, every minute, including meals. All of the energy that is exerted has to be replaced through food and beverages. I know that the Falcons have an amazing staff that prepares the guys fresh foods during the day, but I don’t quite know what happens at night as far as food and snacks are concerned (and I have a notorious nighttime snacker on my hands). I always send along a box of snacks that are high in protein and carbohydrates, as well as a few guilty pleasure favorites as well. Trail mix, beef jerky, almonds, pistachios, peanut butter pretzels are all great choices. 5. Lucky Items If your guy has any type of superstitious lucky items, don't forget to send them along! Im not going to name any names, but, I know a man that has an extensive collection of superhero socks….and you better believe that a pair, or two, will be making their way to Falcons training camp! xoxo, Grace Allen

Angel Palacios

Married to: Tevin Mitchel, Raiders

Hey y'all! It's that time of the year again! Season is right around the corner!!! I am praying for everyone's safety as we all head to different places and our hubby's head to camp. Can we all just agree that the month they have off is never quite long enough?!

Here's a picture of my babies at the Cincinnati Zoo saying goodbye before we head back to Texas during camp!

As much as we like to complain about them having to leave, Camp is by far one of the toughest sections of the entire season. So what can we do to help?

Pack or send them a fun basket!

1. The essentials

There is no doubt they forgot or lost AT LEAST one thing on this list, so sending these items is a must:

Tooth brush

Tooth paste



Shaving Cream

2. Family Pictures

Something to put in their locker for motivation, or even just to brighten their day!

3. Favorite Snacks

Of course they can't consume too much junk food, but hey a little pick me up snack never hurt anyone😊

4. Motivation

 My favorite thing to do is write down a list of bible verses that he can reflect on that can help give him a peace of mind even when I'm not around to do so!

Good Bye Mistress, Hello Side Chick

The Mistress The infamous mistress. She has been the star and co-star in countless movies, sitcoms, and novels including the beloved Olivia Pope from Scandal. She appears when the husband is at his highest point in his career but at the weakest point in his marriage. He is feeling himself and eagerly searches for something to occupy his time. They strategically plan meetings to avoid their relationship being discovered. The mistress knows her role and no matter how long the affair lasts she knows that the chances of him leaving his family is slim to none. She stays in her place because she wouldn’t dare compromise the arrangement by telling the wife. The mistress knows that her existence completely depends on the existence of the marriage despite the fact that he may genuinely love her, and therefore she is content. If the affair was ever discovered, the mistress never confronted the wife as if she was privileged to do so. She accepted her fate and if necessary moved on to the next one. Husbands initially deny the relationship but after stack piles of evidence they inevitably admit to some but not all indiscretions. Some wives forgive and move on while others cannot accept it and seek divorce.

The Side Chick  


This is the storyline we have known for centuries but somewhere along the way the mistress became vintage and was readily replaced by the side chick. Unlike the mistress, the side chick is bold, aggressive, and careless. She has little notoriety and as a result boasts about the relationship to become relevant. Men don’t accidentally meet side chicks. These women develop strategies to meet athletes and celebrities so they can claim their stake. Whether they are sliding in DMs or popping up in VIP sections in the club, the new age side chick is calculated but far from loyal. She often has multiple “ballers” in her call log that have no idea that she’s sending the same message to his teammate. The end game is not to be with the man but to use the man to get ahead. She is often reckless seeking married men like it is a sport. She will readily confront a wife as if somehow the wife stole her man. She lives for the incriminating screenshots and anxiously waits to press send. With the rise of social media, wives are forced to keep their profiles private to prevent the side chicks and the side chick wannabes from creating havoc in their lives.

Married women obviously have no interest in dealing with the mistress or the side chick. However, wives are genuinely puzzled as to why being a side chick is a #goal. From posting comments on social media about sleeping with somebody else’s man, sliding in his DMs when he is in your city, or showing up to his game with tickets received from a homeboy who is trying to “put you on.” What is the point? Is it winning when someone can say that they have had some type of relationship with a successful man that just so happens to be married? There are situations in which women are unaware that they are in fact the “side chick” but those situations are rare. Some of these women who have made a career out of being the side chick even lie about relationships with the goal of ending marriages.

In a time where women use the allegations of being a side chick to catapult their career, what does that mean for the wives? Wives are on guard, ignoring the white noise, and most importantly staying prayed up. The men involved are just as guilty primarily because they are the ones who made the covenant of marriage, but I’m hard pressed to say that men couldn’t cheat if they didn’t have anyone to cheat with. If the goal is to be the side chick with hopes of inevitably becoming the wife, just remember the old saying “how you get them is how you’ll lose them.”

For information on how to start a business or non-profit, email me at

Tenisha Patterson Brown, Esq.

Forever Fierce, Fabulous & Flawless

Featured WAG: Candice Romo; Behind the Brand, Behind the Beauty

Name: Candice Romo Husband/Team(s): Tony Romo – Dallas Cowboys Quarterback

Children: Two boys - Hawkins 4 & Rivers 2

Coffee or Sweet Tea? Coffee!!!!

CrossFit or Barre? Crossfit

Cheesecake or Apple Pie? Apple Pie

Beyonce or Adele? Adele


Philanthropist, entrepreneur, wife, mother, daughter, sister; Candice Romo carries many titles. As a philanthropist she is a staunch supporter of causes that assist women and children in crisis. By using the positive visibility that her position as wife of Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo can bring to a charitable effort, Romo has actively led the charge to raise awareness and funds for organizations dealing with substance abuse, domestic violence and homelessness. Her personal connection to substance abuse has made her an advocate for Nexus Recovery Center for many years.

Her title as ‘mommy’ to Hawkins (4) and Rivers (2) has also pushed her into a new endeavor – business owner at Hawk & Sloane. Romo and childhood friend Hollie Siglin recently launched a line of sprays essential to facing various parenting challenges - sassy attitudes, scary monsters under the bed and many more. A Dallas-native, Romo graduated from Addison’s Trinity Christian Academy before moving on to study journalism and business at the University of Missouri. During college, Romo was crowned Miss Missouri USA in 2008 and went on to place in the top ten of the Miss USA. Additionally, she worked locally as a reporter for KTVT-TV CBS 11 and KDAF-TV CW 33 covering sports, nightlife and news prior to retiring from television work.

 On Candice & NFL Life:

Where are you originally from and how did you get to where are now?

I was born in Lubbock, Texas, but spent most of my childhood in Dallas. From there I went to the University of Missouri to become a sports broadcaster, which led me back to Dallas for my job at CW 33 where I covered college and high school sports.

How did you meet your Husband?  What's your love story?

Tony and I met through the Dallas Cowboys. I worked in their broadcasting department as a host for a pre-game show. We instantly hit it off and dated for a year and half before we got engaged. We’ve been married for five years and have two little boys, Hawkins (4 yr) and Rivers (2 yr).

Tell us about your day to day?


All moms can probably agree that each day is routinely different, but is a race to the finish line with un-definable duties. Regardless, it always starts with getting up with my 2 boys, a cup of coffee, and a Mickey Mouse episode. From there, my responsibilities vary from kid’s activities and household management, to Dallas Cowboys events. 

Do you have a favorite WAG moment?

Being a wife of an athlete there are a lot of ups and downs dictated by wins and losses. When your spouse is on the field, you have this emotional investment that makes it feel like you are part of the team. One of the moments I will never forget is the Dallas Cowboys 2015 game opener against the New York Giants at home. We were down ten points with seven minutes to go and had to score two touchdowns to win. With ten seconds left, Tony threw a touchdown pass to Jason Witten to win the game. As Michelle Witten and I sat next to each other watching this unfold, the joy and pride we shared together as we celebrated is unforgettable.


Behind the Brand:

Introduce us to your amazing new company, Hawk + Sloane?

My best friend, Hollie, and I are always looking for creative ways to make parenting more efficient. We were both struggling with finding effective methods for discipline and that is how Sassy Spray was born: a healthy yet distasteful oral spray to keep the sassies away. From there we created an additional five sprays ranging from whimsical room fragrances: Sleepy Spray and Scary Spray to practical ones Lice Spray, Stinky Spray and Soothie Spray. Within a year, we had created Hawk + Sloane’s first product line and were ready to launch!

Sassy Spray – oral disciplinary spray

Sleepy Spray - calming bedtime spray

Scary Spray – monster repellent spray

Lice Spray - preventive leave-in spray

Stinky Spray- diaper deodorizing spray

Soothie Spray - soothing skin spray made with micronized silver

Can customers shop online as well?

Our product is readily available on our website:

What’s the big picture for the brand?  

Right now we are both excited and focused on the launch of our current six sprays, but we definitely have a long-term vision for the company with several more product ideas in the works.

What is your favorite spray and why?

Sassy Spray, not only was it the baby of our brand, but its also been very effective in my own household for taming our toddler boys. We call it the “modern version of soap in the mouth”- a dose of discipline and a dash of nutrition! We just found that it was a great alternative disciplinary option for families at home or on the go.

Thank you for sharing a slice of your world with us!  Out of everything, what are you most passionate about?

There are many things that I am passionate about, but the foundation of all of it is the grace bestowed upon me by the Lord Jesus Christ. That unconditional love is the catalyst for my everyday life: wife, mother, daughter, sister, and friend.


Step Outside Your Comfort Zone

Butler Bora Bora Heart
Butler Bora Bora Heart

One of my favorite quotes is, "There is nowhere to go but everywhere so keep on rolling under the stars." I feel invigorated every time I think of this quote because it instantly sparks energy, curiosity and excitement in me. Someone once told me they believe there are three things that can bring someone happiness: 1) Being with the one you love and caring for people 2) Giving back through charity and community work 3) Going outside your comfort zone and doing something completely new.

Despite what people may think, us wives, fiancées and girlfriends usually stick to routines. During the season, your other half has his superstitions and diet/nutrition he maintains, so you probably don’t waver far off track. In addition to sticking to those habits, you are juggling your family’s daily activities and community service events while taking care of yourself too!

I know it's hard to say we have a "comfort zone" in this crazy, unpredictable, yet unbelievable profession - but if we are lucky enough, you can find that comfort zone.

I am extremely grateful for the comfort zone my husband and I have built. I'm simply here to say, during the off-season, step outside of that zone when you can. During the down time, take advantage of this amazing life we live. Travel the world, go to a new continent or country, city or state, or just do a fun day activity in your town!

Butler Paris
Butler Paris
Butler Ireland
Butler Ireland
Butler London
Butler London

I can't sing enough praises on what a new adventure (big or small) does for your soul and your relationship. My husband and I have been lucky enough to travel to the most amazing destinations due to fun and quirky reasons. Watching a movie lured us to swimming with sharks in the Tahitian Islands. A television show led us to scaling glaciers on a prop plane in New Zealand. This off-season we planned an entire EuroTrip that stemmed from the crazy idea of what it would be like in Dublin, Ireland for St. Patrick's Day.

Butler Bora Bora
Butler Bora Bora
Butler Bora Bora Sharks-5
Butler Bora Bora Sharks-5
Butler NZ plane
Butler NZ plane
Butler NZ 2
Butler NZ 2
Butler NZ
Butler NZ
Butler Hot Air Balloon
Butler Hot Air Balloon
Butler Hot Air Balloon 2
Butler Hot Air Balloon 2

If traveling isn’t easy for you because of your beautiful kids or other circumstances, then plan a day activity in your hometown! It has always been on my bucket list to go on a hot air balloon flight but my husband was always terrified and never wanted to. After years of hearing about his fear, this off-season he surprised me and we went on the most awe-inspiring hot air balloon excursion that took us to new heights - 7,000 feet above our breathtaking state of Arizona - creating a million and one memories for the rest of our lives.

It is invigorating and empowering doing something new. Always make an effort to treat yourself and your significant other after a long season of hard work and laser focus. With minicamp recently ending, this is our last bit of off-season before a new (and hopefully long) season begins! So please, go fulfill your desires, chase that daydream and your bucket list one check at a time... You deserve it.

"JUST" a Wife?

Despite what you see on TV and on the blogs, most of the women in the NFL are educated, dedicated and driven. They run their husband’s foundations, their own businesses and they hold down their families like I’ve never seen before. They aren’t all stay at home moms either.  There are some women that work full time and others (like myself) who chose not to move with their men and instead make the decision to continue their education. When my now husband first began his NFL  journey, we were uncertain of his longevity and his future.  He went undrafted and after a season ending injury during his senior year- it wasn’t until 8 months after the draft that he got the call to play again. At the time, it didn't feel like it was in my best interest to move with him so I stayed in Texas.

Staying in Texas was a hard decision- a decision that I made for three straight seasons.  During those three seasons; I worked full time, had a baby, earned a Masters degree and got married.  And after every major life change, I still made the decision to stay (where I was).  There were people who called me selfish and said that I would “miss out on being an NFL wife” and that “men of this caliber want their women to stay home.”  They speculated about his fidelity and the strength of our relationship and because of this, I often felt anxious and uncertain. 

It was never easy but, we trusted each other and knew ourselves. We both had dreams and goals before we met one other and respected the other enough to pursue those goals together and apart. I often wanted to miss those early morning flights home after a late night playoff game—but in retrospect, I’m glad I didn’t.

I’ve met many women around the league who work full time, went to graduate school, law school and even medical school.  These women are teachers, reporters and photographers.  Many do not make those moves across the country for 1-year deals or uncertain contracts.  Some live in their home towns until after training camp to be sure their man is on the final roster.  But, in the end we are all sacrificing something to make sure our families are "set" for the future and that is whether you are a stay at home mom or a career women.  There is not one "cookie cutter" way to be a supportive wife and mother and because of THAT, we should never feel guilty.

"My Experience at Super Bowl 50": Contest Winner Shares Highlights

Entry written by Super Bowl Contest winner: Angela Porras

Going to the Super Bowl has always been #1 on my bucket list, and is considered a once in a lifetime opportunity for most people. When I found out I had won the contest run by NFL WAGS, I was beside myself. Not only was I ticking this dream off the list, but my favorite team of all time was actually playing! I don't know what the chances of this happening is, but it happened, and there were a lot of things to organize leading up to it. It was a whirlwind trip, but the best experience of my life to date.  I just wanted to give a special thank you to LeShonda Martin and WAGS Redefined for gifting me with this amazing experience (two tickets to the Super Bowl)! I don't know if I would have ever had the chance to do something as special as this, and it meant everything to myself and my guest, CJ. We are forever grateful.

Words couldn't describe my experience, but I hope the pictures will help.

I was still in Australia when I was informed of my win, and wasn't set to come home for a few weeks. I quickly rearranged my flights from L.A. to San Francisco and packed my bags to leave a few days later!

Trying to book a hotel a week before the Super Bowl would have been a nightmare if not for a dear friend residing in SF. Not a bad view! The luck continues...

Once settled in, I had to explore the city. It was still very surreal at this point. San Francisco had really put a lot of effort into transforming the city for the big event!

It's not every day you get to wander the streets and cross paths with NFL Legend Marshall Faulk! Throughout the week, many NFL players engaged positively with fans, and if you were lucky enough some of them even became your Lyft driver!

There were parties everywhere, even on Fisherman's Wharf! Some more exclusive than others, like this Denver Broncos fan party. My invitation was lost in the mail, but that didn't stop me from crashing it!

It wouldn't be a dream vacation without a little shopping. Not sure these are for me but just think: Someone in the world owns these shoes.

The night before the big game, Thomas Davis found out I played women's football. He was so impressed he called up David Gettleman and they put me on the roster. I didn't even have to try out. What are the chances? Not sure how Cam is gonna feel when he finds out he has to change his number.

As you can see, I fit in just fine!

Finally! IT IS GAME DAY. I've never been more excited to be  smashed among the masses as we waited to get in!

The Super Bowl was a star studded event! Elvis even made an appearance, and he roots for the Panthers!!!

Sometimes you just need a larger than life LUUUUUUUUKE.

Here is the most surreal moment of the entire trip. I don't know how to explain the feeling I had taking this photo, seeing this field, getting ready to cheer on the Panthers. Soon after this photo was taken, Lady Gaga took the stage and gave a phenomenal performance of our National Anthem. It was truly an amazing experience.

The Panthers weren't doing so well going into the half, but in all honesty, it was REALLY hard to care once Beyonce hit the stage! All of the performers were incredible, but who can top Queen Bey?!

CJ and I were finally reunited on American soil on game day and had an incredible experience together, and I could not have won this competition without her. She had a crazier schedule than I did, and had no plans to travel to the U.S. until we won this competition. The day after the Super Bowl she flew back to Australia to participate in a football camp to try out for the Australian team!

The outcome of the game wasn't what I had hoped for but I still left that stadium feeling like a winner. A lot of people apologized to me when I returned home, which was confusing. You win some, you lose some and it's your attitude that determines where to go from here. If I had known my team would lose, I wouldn't change a thing.

- Angela

Offseason doesn't have to mean you quit: Hotel Workouts for the Busiest of Ladies

It’s the off season! While having your player home for these few months is fun it also brings home lots of extra chores, and travel! We are all trying to squeeze in seeing everyone’s family and maybe (hopefully) a vacation before the off season ends. This means hotel gyms with limited equipment and no one to watch baby if you opt for a couples gains sesh. anniefitness1Here are some great no equipment cardio workouts to do on the beach, in the room, or in hotel gym!

  • 30 Jumping Jacks for warmup (X standing crunches if pregnant)

Preform 30 of each repeating 3 times

Plank Jax

Plank with hip tap

High Knees (Walking if pregnant)

Jumping Lunges (pulses if pregnant)

Jumping Squats (pulses if pregnant0

Jumping Jax (X standing crunches if pregnant)

High Knees

Flutter Kicks


Side Planksanniefitness

High Knees

  • 50 Jumping Jacks for warmup (X standing crunches if pregnant)

50 Knees or regular pushups

50 Sumo Squats

50 Sit ups (50 Sec. plank if pregnant)

50 Side lunges

Keep repeating ladder preforming all of the movements 40 reps, 30 reps, 20 reps, 10 reps.

Always remember to stretch after you cool down! Happy Traveling!


NFL Players Should Talk About Real Issues in the Media

Recently I read an article about an NFL player who wore attire that was not approved. This is a common offense in the NFL, so this would not be so surprising if it didn't come with a message. Andrew Hawkins, Cleveland Browns wide receiver, wore a shirt with "Justice for Tamir Rice and John Crawford" on it. This was an athlete, taking a very public stand, on a very controversial subject. And in the eyes of society, he was wrong. I read comments about how he should just stick to playing football and stay away from the social issues. This reminded me of another instance where a few St. Louis Rams players came out onto the field with their hands up in solidarity with the Black Lives Matter Movement, and the infamous "Hands Up, Don't Shoot" slogan. Once again, these players were ripped to shreds in the media because as the public perceived it, they were stepping over boundaries, and straying from "football".

Then, let's turn to the political side of things. When Tom Brady made a public statement about being friends with Donald Trump, the world went into an uproar because once again, an athlete had stepped out of line and spoke on something unrelated to football. Everyday, different situations pour in, and everyday people criticize NFL players for having opinions, and voicing them publicly.

"As a role model to young boys and men everywhere, it is their duty to showcase what it is to be a positive figure in society."

Over time, NFL players have become dehumanized, and viewed as a machine by which people receive entertainment, rather than the fathers, husbands, sons, and brothers that they are. These men feel pain, joy, anger, and sadness just like anyone else. The unfortunate difference for them, is that they have a very high profiled, and publicized job. This makes them role models to many, even when they may not have set out to be so.

football2You would think with the title of "role model" bestowed upon them, the public would appreciate their opinions. As a role model to young boys and men everywhere, it is their duty to showcase what it is to be a positive figure in society. When these men speak up and take a stand, they are teaching important life lessons such as how to fight social injustices, and how much of an influence they can have on the political direction of this nation if they rallied behind someone they believe in.

Just on the surface, it teaches young people ways to voice their opinions, but in a non violent, civil way, and it shows them successful men who may have come from the same background as them but have attained success. Young boys and men all over are learning how to positively affect change, by simply speaking up at the right times. Unfortunately, this influence goes overlooked.

Many WAGS (wives and girlfriends of athletes) have had to sit and comfort their significant other because he was persecuted in the media for having an opinion. I know WAGS who feel as if their men have lost their willingness to speak up, because of the fear of being labeled "wrong".

Just because these men have chosen a career in football, doesn't mean they are not educated on other topics. Remember, the majority of these men have received an education from some of the best universities in the country. So as we Media Day for the Super Bowl, do not gawk at the non football related comments players make, but consider that on their off time, they may actually discuss politics, social issues, or their love for salsa dancing.