LeShonda Martin, Founder/CEO

Playing basketball in college taught LeShonda Martin leadership, discipline, perseverance, and how to dedicate the necessary hours to her passions. When her hoop dreams came to an end she found purpose in a brand new arena, the world of business. After receiving her Masters at Georgia State University she began to search for purpose in her post college career. She found a voice in the online community with other females who were married to or dating professional athletes. She started WAGS Redefined in order to help share the passion and success of women who are trying to rid themselves of the stereotypes that often accompany being the wife or girlfriend of a professional athlete. Her writing and business savvy connected her with many powerful women and influential sports families, leading her to turn her online blog into a published magazine. Today LeShonda and her team of intelligent but supportive spouses are proving to the world that they can stand by their man on and off the field, while also building a family and career that helps their "team" win in the game of life. LeShonda is most proud of the community and sisterhood that WAGS Redefined has created. What's next? A membership platform, ambassador program, and live events. 

LeShonda currently resides in Atlanta with her husband, recently retired NFL defensive back, Sherrod Martin, their son Jayce (1) and two English bulldogs. She is a founding member and Deputy Director of the Professional Football Wives Association, Inc., a 501(c)(3) nonprofit for NFL wives, fiancees, and girlfriends. Martin has a degree in Psychology from Emory University and a Master's in Sports Administration from Georgia State University. In her free time, she enjoys spending time with her family, reading books, listening to podcasts, writing, working out, traveling, and serving in the nursery at her local church.

Email: LeShonda@wagsredefined.com

Angel Mitchel, Creative Director

Angelica Mitchel, formerly Palacios, is no stranger to the athletic arena. She graduated from Legacy High School in Mansfield, Texas, where she met and ran track with her husband Tevin Mitchel of the Indianapolis Colts. However, it was her insatiable love for soccer that would ultimately direct her destiny. She started playing recreational soccer at the age of four, then later through select leagues from age 12 through high school. She began her college career in 2010 at Ouachita Baptist University where she quickly earned a starting position her Freshman year. During a drill her sophomore year, she obtained a head injury that forced her to retire from the sport that so passionately drove her. This incident inspired Mitchel to join forces with three college football players in leading the fight to protect all college athletes suffering from head injuries. The athletes filed a suit requesting that the NCAA be held responsible for creating and enforcing a standard concussion policy for all NCAA schools. Over the three year period, eight other male athletes joined them in a victorious battle that no less than changed college sports forever. Mitchel remained the only female advocate.

She now lives in Indianapolis, Indiana with Mitchel and their two beautiful children. Mitchel defines herself as woman of God whose most vital role is currently being a full-time stay at home mom to 4 year-old son Jayden and  2 year-old daughter Ariana. Though motherhood is what brings her the greatest fulfillment, she is thrilled to be a part of the WAGS team. Her goal is to be a living example for the redefinition of “WAGS” as well as a devoted contributor to WAGS Redefined.

Email: Angel@wagsredefined.com

Kristel David, Director of Health & Wellness

Kristel David is the wife to retired NFL Vet & Super Bowl Champ, Jason David, and mama to 4 queens. She is currently a working stay at home mom running her two businesses. She is the owner and creator of Wife Complex, in which she inspires women to discover their inner Fox, unique God-given talents and to never lose themselves to becoming a wife, mama and/or career woman. She is also a Marketing Director for Juice Plus, a healthy living company. 

This is why she is the perfect woman to be Director of Health & Wellness for WAGS Redefined Health. Through her role she helps inspire the wives in our community, and those who we impact day to day, to holistically take control of their health now. She believes in practicing prevention and reversing ailing statistics that affect our families and our kids as well as properly fueling our athlete's bodies for optimal performance, injury prevention and recovery!

Kristel graduated from Purdue University with a major in Organizational Leadership and Supervision and a minor in African American Studies. She is a philanthropist through her roles as an Alpha Kappa Alpha Woman, Vice President of her husband's Foundation, Jason David's Corner Foundation, as well as serving on the Abundant Business Leaders Ministry at her church. 

Kristel believes in doing things that feed your soul as a woman, so outside of all of the above she keeps up with the interests and priorities that she enjoys. She loves going to church, riding her bike, traveling, listening to self-development audios, attending seminars, hosting events for family & friends, and of course eating good food! Who doesn't?

Email: Kristel@wagsredefined.com


Jayci Hale, Social Media Marketing Intern

My name is Jayci Jean Hale and I was born and raised in a small town in Utah. I went to college at Utah State University where I graduated with my Bachelors in Communication Studies and met my boyfriend of 4 years, Jalen Davis. Jalen played football at Utah State and is now in his rookie year with the Miami Dolphins. I recently moved here to Miami with him and we are loving our new home out here in Florida.

I love writing and have a lifestyle blog: thejaycijeanscene.wordpress.com. In my free time I enjoy reading self-help books, listening to podcasts, and working out. I've always loved sports and baseball is my favorite, although football is a close second. I also love to travel and find new yummy restaurants to try. 

I am currently the social media marketing intern for WAGS Redefined. I have loved having this opportunity because I have always loved working with social media, particularly Instagram and I absolutely love what WAGS Redefined stands for. I'm all for women empowerment and WAGS Redefined embodies what that is in the professional sports world and I'm here for it!