The Official Husband's Gift Guide

Originally posted: December 14, 2015

Hello everyone!

Each year, I struggle to find the perfect Christmas gift for my husband. I think and probe and can never find something he would actually want or appreciate. Well, this year I reached out to some of the other women here at WAGS Redefined and asked for the best presents they've purchased for their significant others. The responses were great!

I'm proud to announce the first official WAGS Holiday Gift Guide: Husband Edition!

For the Sneaker Fanatic …


Never in my wildest dreams did I think my husband would have more shoes than me. He is a Jordan aficionado and has filled up almost two closets full of shoes. If your man is anything like mine, this gift would be beneficial for both of you! He gets a custom chest JUST for his shoes and you get your closet space back.

For the Jetsetter …

All the guys spend a considerable amount of the time on the road. Why not give them some nice, high quality luggage to pack their things in? Not only is it something they may not consider buying for themselves, you can customize it and they will be thinking about the sweet woman who gave it to them on every trip. It's an added bonus if you get the matching backpack, wallet, or shave bag!

My favorites: Tumi*/Louis Vuitton/MCM

For the Homebody …

For the first couple weeks during the offseason, the men just want to sit on the couch, decompress, and maybe play some video games. Why not enhance that experience for him?

One of the ladies bought her husband the ultimate relaxation chair. If you have a couch potato (at least during the offseason), avid gamer, or a kid at heart, this is the gift for him: an oversized beanbag! This isn't your average bean bag, though. You have the option of adding a footstool and different covers.

You could also purchase some luxury lounge wear:

If you have a big and tall guy, check here!

For the Romantic…

The romantic man appreciates large and small gestures alike. Think photo books, custom phone covers, inscribed watches, wallets, iPad covers, etc. If he is a man who appreciates the finer things in life, maybe a Bond Candle would be a good gift.

There is also the old favorite of date night coupons. Spend some time on them and get specific. Don't just say dinner and a movie. You could list the restaurant and get tickets to a sports game or concert. You could also make reservations (for the offseason) at a hotel in town, stay in and order room service, or even go out. If you have children, get a sitter and enjoy the alone time!

You could also take the time to prepare a special meal or dessert for your man. (Have you tried my Apple Crisp?) Learn a new recipe and surprise him with it. He will appreciate the effort and love the fact that he is enjoying a restaurant-quality meal or dessert from the comfort of his home. Planning can be hard in the NFL but it can be done. Get creative!

For the fashion forward …

This is one area I'm not that well versed in. Thankfully, some of the other contributors had some suggestions.

For his man cave …

A great gift idea is to get him something special for his man cave. They have seen all the memorabilia for sale in the stores, pro shops, and eBay, but he would be pleasantly surprised to see a custom piece made with him and his space in mind.

Maybe a custom oil painting (find Moreau Art on Instagram or email) or get all those jerseys (HS, College, NFL) framed and inscribed. Contact your team photographer and look into ordering some metal prints of your husband on the field. They are unique and add a unique look to any gallery wall.

Another option would be a Best of Legacy Book. It's pricey but they do extensive research and find articles and images to go in this scrapbook of sorts. He will be shocked by the thoughtfulness of this gift. If they aren't on display already, get cases for all those footballs he's amassed over the years. It's a gift they will appreciate but wouldn't necessarily purchase for themselves.

For your foodie …

If your man enjoys time in the kitchen or out on the grill, get him some new tools to work with! He would swoon over a custom cutting board, Big Green Egg* (smoker/ grill), or maybe sign up for a food tour on an upcoming vacation*. If you are looking to go all out, contact a local chef and see if you can score a special table or maybe a meet and greet. He would appreciate the gesture and it would be an unforgettable experience.

For the techie …

If your man is always the first to purchase the newest gadgets and toys, you have a challenge on your hands. I'm sure they have already purchased the Apple Watch and maybe even the newest headphones. Did you consider buying them a drone (my husband has his eye on the Phantom 3 Standard Quadcopter)? I know it's on the top of my husband's wish list this year!

Another option if you are just not willing to purchase a drone would be a DSLR camera (Nikon D7200 or Nikon D750 are my suggestions at two different price points). Who knows, you might even help them find a new passion.

If you have any more camera questions, just ask. It's my thing!

* denotes gifts I have purchased for my husband

Still Struggling?

If you are still struggling to come up with gift ideas, think of their passions outside of football. What is something they enjoy spending their precious downtime doing? Once you figure that out, think of ways you can help them improve upon their skills or resources they might need to take this passion to a new level. One of the ladies suggested a Master Barber Class because her husband wants to own his own barber shop when he retires from the NFL.

I would like to thank Chrissie Wywrot, Diana Holmes, Dominique Jordan, and LeShonda Martin for their contributions to this list.

I hope you were inspired and lets all pray for happy husbands/boyfriends/significant others come Christmas morning.

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Marissa Allen