Hair Review: FIRST Hair Extensions

first-nofia-synthetic-hairRecently, I came across a product like nothing I'd seen before. It's not often something new within the realm of hair extensions comes along, until I ran across FIRST Hair Extensions. What makes FIRST different? According to the company, FIRST is synthetic hair that is "100% Green Fiber." What exactly does that mean? FIRST is made from eco-friendly Nofia. Nofia is "a flame retardant with the most favorable toxicological profile" so it's good for you and the environment. When Nofia is mixed with synthetic hair it stays locked in. For example, if your hair were to catch on fire (heaven forbid), it could withstand some heat. It wouldn't burn as quickly or melt like regular synthetic hair.

What else makes FIRST hair extensions special? How about the fact that ONE package comes with 3 wefts and a closure! Yes, that's exactly what I said! All you need is ONE package for your entire head. The closure is a "hand tied silk lace closure" making it super soft and light.

Below are my likes and dislikes about this product:


  1. Cost $19.99
  2. Environmentally safe
  3. Withstands high heat and burns slower (heaven forbid)
  4. Only requires one package
  5. Can be curled
  6. Installs well
  7. Soft and lightweight


  1. I was not able to curl it the way I needed to blend with my hair.
  2. It's more appropriate for straight hair and not-so-good for curly (maybe they will come out with a curly texture *wink wink)
  3. The closure - The closure is light, soft, and breathable which is a major pro. I just personally love a fuller and thicker closure. Please note this one is just my personal preference.

Overall, I am so pleased with FIRST Hair Extensions. I love and appreciate the quality for the cost and it being environmentally safe. It makes for a great wig as well. If you want to see videos, need more information, have questions, or you're looking to purchase, head to



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