Holiday Cheer in the NFL One Team at A Time

Excuse the late hour at which I am posting this feature (nearly midnight on the east coast), but this Christmas in the NFL project turned into a much greater beast than I had originally intended. What I first thought would be a quick project after my kids went to bed -- running through the NFL's 32 teams to collect holiday videos -- became an hours-long task. Not only where there a lot of features, I ended up watching most of them without realizing I was doing so. Since nearly every NFL team had a feature other than its holiday card (the AFC edged out the NFC in fun videos, though), I have taken the liberty of dividing them up into categories: philanthropic, player Q&A, and special snowflake. You will understand the need for the special snowflake section once you get there.


It was genuinely wonderful to see all of the wonderful events put on by teams and the individual players. So much Christmas cheer being spread to those less fortunate!

Player Q&As

My top takeaway from these Q&As: boys love their toys. Top gifts by most players were video game consoles. I can honestly say I fall into that category as well; I received a Nintendo (the original) as a kindergartner. Prize for strangest answer definitely goes to Texans center Ben Jones, who says his pet pig and a cow were his favorite gifts of all time.

Special Snowflake

This section truly is special. We have poems, competitions, and Ave Maria.