Guard Your Gems: Advice From the Insurance Champs

WAGS Alicia Graham & Evan Williams break down the jewelry insurance game

WAGS Alicia Graham & Evan Williams break down the jewelry insurance game

Jewelry is fun.

It can show off your unique personality.

Sometimes it represents an important milestone in your life.

It can be a symbol of love and success.

For many, jewelry is a source of pride.

Whether your taste is simple or “wow ‘em” style, we like to adorn ourselves somehow. And so do some of our guys.

Is your jewelry collection covered?

Do you have a separate (or stand-alone) insurance policy for your rings, watches, necklaces, bracelets, earrings, and championship pieces?

Did you know 70% of personal property theft losses are jewelry? (Source: Jewelry Insurance Brokers of Americas)

Since we’re in the season of Super Bowl rings (Congrats, Patriots!) and Valentine’s Day celebrations, there’s no better time to ensure your cherished pieces are protected.

If the thought seems a little intimidating, no worries. We - WAGS Alicia Graham & Evan Williams – are here to help!

We founded Pro Player Insurance Group with our spouses, former Tampa Bay Buccaneers running backs Earnest Graham and Cadillac Williams. Our independent insurance agency specializes in commercial insurance products for small businesses in Florida, Georgia and Alabama, and personal insurance products for individuals, families and professional athletes in Florida. We are bold, business-minded and on a mission to make sure our fellow WAGS know how to properly protect their assets. Insurance may not be the most glamorous subject, but it’s certainly an important one.

Whether you’re dating, newly engaged, growing your family or more seasoned WAGS like us, we want to educate and give you practical ways to score the right kind of protection!


We hope you’re able to put this information to use and we look forward to offering more tips in the future. We’ve adopted the moniker “Insurance Champs” for a reason. We’re here to help our WAGS community conquer the insurance world and win at life!

-Alicia & Evan

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Alicia Graham and Evan Williams

Alicia Graham and Evan Christina Williams founded Pro Player Insurance Group with their spouses, former Tampa Bay Buccaneers running backs Earnest Graham and Carnell "Cadillac' Williams, respectively. Pro Player Insurance Group specializes in commercial and personal insurance products for small businesses and individuals.

 Alicia Graham is a managing partner and general lines agent. Some of her responsibilities include quoting policies, servicing new and existing clients, reviewing insurance coverage, and assisting with claims.  Evan Christina Williams is also a managing partner, general lines and life insurance agent. Evan focuses on supplier diversity opportunities as well as quoting policies, servicing new and existing clients, and reviewing insurance coverage.   

Alicia and Evan are committed to excellence and education. Both are actively pursuing the Certified Insurance Counselor (CIC) designation, which deepens their level of understanding of insurance coverages and illustrates a commitment to their clients, agency and career.

As wives of NFL veterans, the dynamic duo brings a unique perspective and understanding to the risks that exist and the coverages needed to protect the hard-earned assets gained as a professional athlete. Alicia and Evan, whose husbands are now in retirement, draw from their shared experiences to offer confidential and comprehensive guidance to ensure professional players’ family and business insurance needs are met.


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Facebook: @ProPlayerInsuranceGroup

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Twitter: @ProPlayerIns