Welcome to the NFL! Making all WAGS feel welcome takes a conscious effort

We all remember the crazy year our NFL lives began. Whether your man went drafted or undrafted, things happen rather quickly.  Our innocent, bright-eyed dreams could never conjure up the things to come. My journey began in Dallas while my now-husband teetered from practice squad to the 53-man roster. Coming from small-town Midwest, it was definitely a culture shock when I showed up to my first game in jeans and a tee. I stood among lavishly-dressed women with their beautiful selves and perfect hair. I obviously didn't fit in. I stuck out so badly that when I waited for Andre after games, security would ask me if I needed help! I must have looked like some jersey-chasing weirdo waiting an hour after each game to catch a glimpse of a player, haha. That's how cool I am, guys. But not only did I stick out, I did not meet one wife in the entire two years with the Cowboys. How sad to think of all the women falling through the cracks on every team?


We all come from different backgrounds and see the world in our own way. We have different morals and don't always agree on things; but we all have one, big interest in common! The best way I've heard it described was at our annual Raiders Women's Association Luncheon. The speaker said something along these lines: "No one knows the struggles you encounter like the person sitting next to you; not your mother, sister, or best friend but definitely the woman in the seat next to you." Nothing could be more true! We can describe our struggles and victories until we're blue in the face to our family or friends but not one of them can fully understand like another WAG.

Our community just welcomed roughly 200+ women, following the draft this past weekend. I want to reach out to every woman associated with a player and remind you what it feels like to step into new territory. Remember all the different emotions that emerged after being uprooted from your comfort zone. Remember the frenzy of moving and not knowing what pediatrician or dentist to use. But smile when you think of that first connection you made with a fellow WAG; the first time you were invited out to eat or the mom group that began your great friendships.


Photo Credits: @kellypray, @asia1012, @butseriously21