Mother Knows Best - My Response to Baby Critics

Recently I took Marlee to her wellness checkup. These past 10 months seem to have flown by and she has grown into an active and aware infant right in front of my eyes. I am loving every minute of it. However, I would be lying if I said it was easy. I have missed about 1,125 hours of sleep, 140 showers and 420 meals. Okay, that may be an exaggeration, but I have definitely had days where I've had to put her wants and needs before my own. You would think with all of those hygiene and health sacrifices I would have this kid thing mastered. Cue the critics.

Mother Knows Best

I have watched Disney's Tangled dozens of times, and my favorite part has always been when Rapunzels' mom breaks into song and declares "Mother knows best". Sing it girl!

Critics have done a lot to try and discredit that glorious song, from telling me my daughter is underweight and needs to eat more, to questioning her mobility. If they could, they would probably write down a care plan and staple it to my forehead.

"Feed her more, she's too thin. Buy her a walker, she needs to be moving. Do you read to her?" It's an onslaught of suggestions and criticism and I just sit, smile and nod.

The smile and nod was a trick taught to me by my amazing delivery nurse. The day I had Marlee, she gave the wisest advice I have gotten to date, "Everyone will have an opinion and suggestions. Do not get upset, just smile and nod, then go home and do what YOU feel is best".

I have since mastered the technique. Do not get me wrong, I'm 100% sure all of these suggestions are coming from a positive and caring place, and some of them I actually take into consideration, but this is all a learning process for me. Everyday, I am faced with new challenges, and so far, I have conquered them all. The most rewarding words are when the doctor tells me that she looks great, happy and healthy.

How do you deal with baby critics?