Featured WAG: Kijafa Vick- The epitome of a #BOSS

Featured WAG: Kijafa Vick- The epitome of a #BOSS

Meet Kijafa Vick. The wife of 15-year NFL Veteran QB, Michael Vick. But, this feature isn’t about Mike. We found out just how much of a powerhouse this woman is in a recent interview.

Surviving A Day At Training Camp (Kids in tow!)


Hi everyone! I hope that the first week of Training Camp has been smooth sailing and passing quickly. I don’t know why I am always caught off guard by the heat this time of year, because Georgia isn't necessarily known for their “cool summers” and our nickname IS "Hotlanta" but, whatever, any way you cut it- it’s HOT here as I am sure it is everywhere else too.  I find myself complaining about the heat as I sit and watch practice until it dawns on me that I truly have NOTHING to be complaining about because a) I am not the one on the field doing excruciating physical activity b) I am sitting under a tent with more fans, water and snacks than stars in the sky.  Anyway, I am rambling (I guess thats what happens when you have minimal adult conversation in your home for going on 9 days) and what I have written for you this week is a survival guide on what you need to make your day at practice easier & more comfortable for you and your little ones.

Part One: Packing For A Day At Practice


1. Sunscreen; because as aforementioned, it's HOT, and even on an overcast day the chances of getting burnt still exist. I am kind of a freak when it comes to what goes on my Luca’s skin so I personally prefer either Babyganics or Honest Company, but at the end of the day; any sunscreen is better than no sunscreen. Both brands can be purchased at my fav place, Target. Or if you plan ahead (GO YOU!) Amazon has a plethora of options as well that will arrive right to your doorstep.


2. Individual Fan. Even though there are usually fans at practice for family, carseats and strollers get extra stuffy. I bought an awesome clip-on battery powered fan off of Amazon and it has been a lifesaver. There are a lot of options, so choose the one that is best for you but, the brand that I chose is O2COOL ($34.99). It has lasted through all of our offseason travels as well as this past week at camp (and I've only had to replace the batteries once!).


3. Toys. For babies you don't really need a whole lot to occupy them, so I usually bring my Vulli Sophie le Giraffe because Luca loves to chew on her (hellloooo teething) and a lightweight swaddle blanket that we can play peek a boo with or that I can lay out on the ground for him to roll around on. For older kids- I have seen a lot of moms with coloring books, iPads, footballs, etc! This is a tough one because every kid is different so just figure out what is best for you and bring it along but, just make sure you have something!

4. Snacks. Well, because kids get hungry. I know every team is different and some provide snacks, some full meals, some nothing at all. Don't leave the house empty handed in the snack department!

5. An extra change of clothes. There is nothing better than the moment the guys finish practice and make their way over to scoop up their babes BUT, after the papa cuddles, the kiddos are left drenched in sweat, gatorade, and whatever else makes their way onto the jerseys. If you plan to just head home afterwards this may not be as big of a deal but if you plan to run errands or grab lunch with friends, just throw an extra set of clothes into your bag so the kiddos aren't wet (and smelly) for the rest of the day!


We are just about halfway, well, kinda, but positive thinking never hurt anybody! Grace Allen