An Open Letter to Fans: No, You Can't Do My Husband's Job

[embed][/embed] Aside from the fact these high school athletes are catching lobbed balls without coverage while professional receivers deal with skin-splitting bullets and double coverage, gloves don't make a player. Men were actually commenting on this video that they could have played college ball with the addition of these gloves. Mhmm, okay.

Yes, these gloves are helpful. Yes, players did not have these advances decades ago. Just because technology advances, doesn't mean the NFL should remain archaic. Although there's humor and sarcasm in this video, I find myself reflecting on this innate obsession sports fanatics have to continually question and downgrade the athleticism and talent of these men.

The pure hatred posted by 'fans' is nothing short of annoying. My husband stopped going on Twitter for the sole purpose of avoiding negativity. As WAGS, we have seen our fair share of hate comments about our husbands. "Cut him! I could do a better job!" is my personal favorite. Most of us try our best to steer clear of the haters but it can be difficult.  So I've written an open letter to fans currently suffering from delusions of football grandeur.

An Open Letter to Fans


To Anyone Who Thinks They Could Play in the NFL,

Like most NFL players, my husband comes home from games bruised and barely mobile, yet he has one day to get it together, be on the field and perform. You have sadly mistaken 'game-ready' for pristine condition.

Could you perform 100-percent at your job with the flu, dislocated fingers, a thrown-out back, or all of the above? Absolutely not. You would call in. But there are no sick days in the NFL. If you want to miss a full day of practice, you are looking at roughly $17,000 in fines. That fumble or missed block you witness may very well be due to the ailments these men are gritting their teeth through. Gritting through because they are pack mules. 

These men don't have a choice to sit out.  At this office, if you want to stay home and heal, you'll be replaced.

You could never do this job. With fractured bones and all feeling lost in your fingers, could you hold onto the ball or hold off a 300-pound man? No. The fact is, if you could do this job, you would be.  Only 1.5-percent of NCAA football players make it to the NFL. The chances that you are one of those 1.5-percent and opted out of the NFL are very unlikely. Instead, you're sitting at home eating Cheetos and commenting on my husband's ability. Until you have played in the league and know what each player goes through, please stop.

If you still think you would do a better job, please let me know when you've scheduled your team tryout. I would love to come watch your amazing ability. I'll bring my husband's gloves.

Diana Holmes