Featured WAGS, Asha Still: Her journey, HIS way

Meet Asha Still, wife of Houston Texans' Devon Still.  Asha is as strong as she is sweet, as sincere as she is straight forward and as gorgeous as she is gracious. When it comes to her passion- her career, Mrs. Still lives by the adage that her brand is more than a business but "a way of life!"  Asha is her husband's "rock",  a creative hair artist, a budding entrepreneur and champion for #LeahStrong.  

Name: Asha Still
Husband/Teams: Devon Still- Cincinnati Bengals, Houston Texans
What #hashtag describes you best: #Adoremyhair

Fun Facts:

Favorite place to vacation: Bahamas

Best Concert you’ve ever been too: Beyonce

Interesting Fact about yourself: I am very outgoing. A lot of people think I’m shy but once people get to know me-I’m spontaneous! I actually want to go skydiving.

Your favorite memory: My wedding. There was so much anticipation because we had a "trying" last two years; there were a lot of memories made that day.

About Asha:

WR: Where are you from originally?

AS: I am from Wilmington, Delaware.

WR: How did you and your husband meet? What’s your love story?

AS: I met my husband in Philly and we were introduced through a mutual friend. He played with the Bengals when he was first drafted so I ended up moving to Ohio to be with him. After his daughter’s prognosis, we took a break and moved back to DE. Our “love story” is kind of funny because when we first met, he blew me off a little bit and I was like, "oh! okay" but we ended up talking again later that night. We have the same birthdays and we were born in the same year. We are very similar.


On the NFL:

WR: What are some of the challenges of being married to an NFL player and what do you like about it?

AS: A lot of times in the beginning, the distance was hard and it was hard to build with someone when they were gone as often as he was. Now that we are in the same location, we can spend more time with one another. We got baptized together a few years ago so now we are more spiritually in tune. There is so much that comes with being in the NFL that being grounded and on the same spiritual page has been great for us. We know now that (our baptism) was God’s way of telling us that we needed to be prepared for what was to come.

WR: What are some of your favorite WAGS memories?

AS: In Cincinnati, we had an “Oprah’s Favorite Things” type of party and it was so nice because we had the opportunity to get to know each other and that was special.

WR: Do you believe there are any misconceptions or stereotypes of NFL WAGS? If so, what is your view?

AS: I do. A lot of what you see or hear is a negative stereotype and I feel like some women are trying to live up to that. It’s not all the glitz and glamour or naughty stuff and if more people saw that, they would be surprised.


On Asha:

WR: What are you most proud of?

AS: I am most proud of the woman I've become. I didn't realize how strong of a woman I was until I was faced with such difficult obstacles in my life. Many women in my position may have broken down with the amount of stress I've endured.  From my husband's injuries to Leah being diagnosed with cancer, these obstacles all contributed to my own personal hardship. I choose to push through and my faith motivated me to never give up.

WR: What are you passionate about?

AS: I am passionate about what I like to call my profession and that is being a hair artist. Years ago, my first interaction with someone with cancer was a client of mine and it was my job as a stylist to make sure she felt beautiful walking out the door. Later on, I was hit closer to home because my Grandma is battling cancer and I also see the same with Leah. I see how they feel about themselves and their image during the harder times. Having a head full of hair is a woman’s glory and losing it all can take a toll on her emotionally, so I feel strongly and am passionate about making women feel amazing.

WR: What are your goals?

AS: My immediate goal is to open my salon in the next year so I can continue to inspire and make women feel beautiful.

On her wedding, supporting her husband during his daughter's illness and The Still Foundation:

WR: We were so happy to see the pictures from your GORGEOUS dream wedding! Was the experience everything you dreamed of?

AS: The Knot did such an amazing job. When they heard Devon say he wanted to give me the wedding of my dreams-they called me right away! Having their support took a lot of the stress off me because there is so much to choose from and so many decisions to make when it comes to weddings.

WR: Before you walked down the aisle, you and Devon went through quite a journey. What was the hardest part about seeing your partner go through such a tough personal time?

AS: It was trying and it was tough to see someone who you love going through so much pain. That was difficult. I wanted to fix his pain and what he was going through. I knew I needed to stay mentally and emotionally strong and having gone through everything we did at such a young age helped to mold me into the woman I am now.

WR: Tell us about The Still Foundation?

AS: Yes! Devon, Leah and myself are currently building The Still Foundation. When Leah was in the hospital, we met a lot of single moms and children from single parent homes where the parents were having to choose between being able to (financially) keep their homes and staying with their children in the hospital. Our first efforts were at our wedding where we offered guests the opportunity to give to four different charities, one being our own in lieu of a gift registry. We are now working on building our foundation and our charitable efforts.

WR: Best of luck this season! The Texans are lucky to have you all and we are so happy to see Devon return to the field!

AS: Thank you so much! He has been training hard and I can’t wait to see him getting back to doing what he loves.

WR: We hear you have the best hair in the house!  Tell us your "secret power"...