Oh my Two Year Old


This one is for my mommas out here wrestling a tiny human with "Lord only knows" what in their mouth. This one is for my mommas practicing their spidey senses as they snatch the tail end of their toddler's shirt as they get ready to sprint away from the checkout line while you’re holding 86 other things in your hands.Girl, I am with you. Lets take a breath together.

Two can be a tough age! Your baby is transitioning out of baby stage and doesn’t quite have all the words they need to communicate which can lead to frustration for momma and baby. Then comes the curiosity, overwhelming curiosity about their surroundings and a new-found level of SPEED to go with that. They are starting to have a real voice, discovering likes and dislikes, and displaying clear-cut emotions about those things. When you lay it out, it sounds amazing! This is your baby we are talking about. A few short months ago, you couldn’t picture him/her doing all of this and now its here!


AAAAND it may very well be more than you bargained for. Because your toddler “discovering their voice” as they screech in the middle of Barnes and Noble because you broke off a piece of the granola bar instead of handing over the entire thing so they can choke… is not so fun. The days are long, hopefully the coffee is strong and we are all just busy- loving and learning this ever-changing little person. But sometimes it can be overwhelming. Sometimes there are just tough days and “what am I doing wrong?” creeps in to your head and it's easy to forget that this is just a phase. Especially when you’re alone or in a new city or if this is your first baby and you don’t have anyone around to relate. I’m here to be honest with you, relate to you and encourage you because it does get better!! There is an end here.  Eventually, they grow out of this stage and you are not the only one arguing with your child over the way you sliced the grilled cheese.   

Lately, I have been feeling like my sweet baby has been replaced by this speeding bullet of a child (I’m blaming the athletic roots, but my goodness he is fast! ) But then, just as the last drop of caffeine has left my system, as I tuck him into bed, I say goodnight and turn my back to walk out of the room I hear a sweet sleepy “Love you mommy” as he rolls over to sleep. That will bring you to your knees!! And just like that, it’s all worth it.  Just like that, your heart is full.

If your toddler can’t yet remind you that they love you, I will. You are the backbone to this family. If you feel overwhelmed today, I want to remind you that they are still watching you so take a break and show them love and discipline out of necessity and not frustration. Finally, I want to remind you that you are not alone and there are so many of us just like you.  So, lets slow down the picture perfect mom posts and embrace what’s really happening here. Your baby is growing up! Smile, momma and go hug that crazy kid of yours ;)

Featured WAG: Candice Romo; Behind the Brand, Behind the Beauty

Name: Candice Romo Husband/Team(s): Tony Romo – Dallas Cowboys Quarterback

Children: Two boys - Hawkins 4 & Rivers 2

Coffee or Sweet Tea? Coffee!!!!

CrossFit or Barre? Crossfit

Cheesecake or Apple Pie? Apple Pie

Beyonce or Adele? Adele


Philanthropist, entrepreneur, wife, mother, daughter, sister; Candice Romo carries many titles. As a philanthropist she is a staunch supporter of causes that assist women and children in crisis. By using the positive visibility that her position as wife of Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo can bring to a charitable effort, Romo has actively led the charge to raise awareness and funds for organizations dealing with substance abuse, domestic violence and homelessness. Her personal connection to substance abuse has made her an advocate for Nexus Recovery Center for many years.

Her title as ‘mommy’ to Hawkins (4) and Rivers (2) has also pushed her into a new endeavor – business owner at Hawk & Sloane. Romo and childhood friend Hollie Siglin recently launched a line of sprays essential to facing various parenting challenges - sassy attitudes, scary monsters under the bed and many more. A Dallas-native, Romo graduated from Addison’s Trinity Christian Academy before moving on to study journalism and business at the University of Missouri. During college, Romo was crowned Miss Missouri USA in 2008 and went on to place in the top ten of the Miss USA. Additionally, she worked locally as a reporter for KTVT-TV CBS 11 and KDAF-TV CW 33 covering sports, nightlife and news prior to retiring from television work.

 On Candice & NFL Life:

Where are you originally from and how did you get to where are now?

I was born in Lubbock, Texas, but spent most of my childhood in Dallas. From there I went to the University of Missouri to become a sports broadcaster, which led me back to Dallas for my job at CW 33 where I covered college and high school sports.

How did you meet your Husband?  What's your love story?

Tony and I met through the Dallas Cowboys. I worked in their broadcasting department as a host for a pre-game show. We instantly hit it off and dated for a year and half before we got engaged. We’ve been married for five years and have two little boys, Hawkins (4 yr) and Rivers (2 yr).

Tell us about your day to day?


All moms can probably agree that each day is routinely different, but is a race to the finish line with un-definable duties. Regardless, it always starts with getting up with my 2 boys, a cup of coffee, and a Mickey Mouse episode. From there, my responsibilities vary from kid’s activities and household management, to Dallas Cowboys events. 

Do you have a favorite WAG moment?

Being a wife of an athlete there are a lot of ups and downs dictated by wins and losses. When your spouse is on the field, you have this emotional investment that makes it feel like you are part of the team. One of the moments I will never forget is the Dallas Cowboys 2015 game opener against the New York Giants at home. We were down ten points with seven minutes to go and had to score two touchdowns to win. With ten seconds left, Tony threw a touchdown pass to Jason Witten to win the game. As Michelle Witten and I sat next to each other watching this unfold, the joy and pride we shared together as we celebrated is unforgettable.


Behind the Brand:

Introduce us to your amazing new company, Hawk + Sloane?

My best friend, Hollie, and I are always looking for creative ways to make parenting more efficient. We were both struggling with finding effective methods for discipline and that is how Sassy Spray was born: a healthy yet distasteful oral spray to keep the sassies away. From there we created an additional five sprays ranging from whimsical room fragrances: Sleepy Spray and Scary Spray to practical ones Lice Spray, Stinky Spray and Soothie Spray. Within a year, we had created Hawk + Sloane’s first product line and were ready to launch!

Sassy Spray – oral disciplinary spray

Sleepy Spray - calming bedtime spray

Scary Spray – monster repellent spray

Lice Spray - preventive leave-in spray

Stinky Spray- diaper deodorizing spray

Soothie Spray - soothing skin spray made with micronized silver

Can customers shop online as well?

Our product is readily available on our website:

What’s the big picture for the brand?  

Right now we are both excited and focused on the launch of our current six sprays, but we definitely have a long-term vision for the company with several more product ideas in the works.

What is your favorite spray and why?

Sassy Spray, not only was it the baby of our brand, but its also been very effective in my own household for taming our toddler boys. We call it the “modern version of soap in the mouth”- a dose of discipline and a dash of nutrition! We just found that it was a great alternative disciplinary option for families at home or on the go.

Thank you for sharing a slice of your world with us!  Out of everything, what are you most passionate about?

There are many things that I am passionate about, but the foundation of all of it is the grace bestowed upon me by the Lord Jesus Christ. That unconditional love is the catalyst for my everyday life: wife, mother, daughter, sister, and friend.


Hot & Healthy? One mother's position on why "breasts is best"

It seems as though in this day and age, you can’t do anything without offending someone. When I first found out I was going to have a baby I knew for a fact that I wanted to breast feed. I had my heart set on it and was lucky to not have any complications. I understand it’s every woman’s choice and I whole heartedly support whatever a woman decides.  However, I believe that a lot of new moms and even older generations aren’t as informed as one could be.  If it’s not for you that’s okay but don’t make those who choose to do so feel uncomfortable. If you don't want to see it, don't look. Normalize Breastfeeding!Most men and women see breasts as sexual but my sweet 8 month old baby sees them as food. Why can’t they be both? Before bottle feeding and formula was created, women used wet nurses; women who breastfed another’s child. It was completely normal to breastfeed your child any and everywhere and it was even normal to pay someone else to breastfeed for you. When formula was created the advertising created to downplayed the amazing benefits of breastfeeding. Why? They did exactly what they were supposed to do-- worry mothers into thinking that breast milk wasn’t sufficient in attempts to make money.  All of the early formula advertising I could find stated in some form, “the closest thing to mother’s milk.” My only question is: if their goal was to be as close to mother’s milk as could be, how could breast feeding not be what’s best!? My goal in this article is to not bash one decision or the other but, to simply inform (in my opinion) all soon to be mothers and even the general public about breastfeeding.  It is one of the most natural things that you can do for your baby and for most mothers, producing milk begins the second you give birth. As I said in the beginning, I was blessed to not have complications with breastfeeding. If I had, I would have obviously used formula and I even chose to supplement with my son.  Breastfeeding is hard work and can be very scary for new moms. You can’t tell how much or how little they eat every time because you can’t physically measure it. But, as long as they’re gaining weight and having regular bowels then the doctor says to rest assure that they are doing just fine. Breastfeeding is so much more than just feeding your baby. It is basically giving them a head start in life, making them less susceptible to a long list of illnesses as well as allergies, obesity and SIDS. Researchers have done studies to show the positive correlation between breastfeeding and cognitive development. There are even linked health benefits for mom! Breastfeeding helps with postpartum issues for instance, helping your uterus contract after birth, postpartum depression and lowering stress levels. It has also been discovered that it may help reduce your risk of ovarian and breast cancer. In addition to all the physical and mental benefits for my baby and myself, it is an incredible bonding experience that I could never replace. I am more than just a food source. I am her pacifier when she’s scared or in pain, her comfort when she’s cranky or doesn’t feel good.  I am the one she looks for when she doesn’t know what she wants. It’s a beautiful bond that I will only get to experience for a small amount of time. Please don’t make me feel bad for it. Please don't ask me to go to the bathroom or to the car, if it truly offends you, you don't have to look. If my baby needs to eat, I am going to feed her. I’m not doing it to offend you or to show off my breasts. Please remember...It’s not about you, it’s about her.

8 Realistic Parenting Resolutions for the New Year

It's that time again, when everyone comes up with unrealistic goals for themselves to start the new year. That's the only problem: all they do is START the new year. Well, I have come up with a little list for all you Resolutioners out there. Good luck and ...realistic parenting solutions

1.Stop getting so mad about little things that don’t matter

When you’re stressed out, it’s almost impossible to not let things affect you. Children feed off your energy, whether it’s negative or positive. So next time you’re having a bad day, in the words of Elsa, ‘LET IT GOOOO”

realistic parenting solutions

2.Make more time for yourself, you deserve it

When you have young children, this can be challenging. Even if alone time means relaxing on the couch while the children nap, instead of finishing a load of laundry, DO IT! The laundry can always wait, your sanity however, can’t.

realistic parenting solutions

3. Yell less

Like I said before, the energy you give off can be much more damaging than you think. Instead of yelling, try to get your point across in a more calming manner. By speaking to them in a soothing tone, and getting down to their eye level, you can have a more effective approach.

realistic parenting solutions

4. Love more

Children give you the most unconditional love because you are their world. It’s easy to overlook the little moments with them because sometimes life gets in the way. You’ll never regret spending more time with them, but you’ll always regret the time you wasted.

Children absorb everything like a sponge. You are their first love, and the one responsible for teaching them how to build healthy, loving relationships. So pick those little ones up as shower them with endless affection. Love Never Fails. 1 Cor. 13:8

realistic parenting solutions

5. Put your phone down! (after you finish my article, of course)

Easier said than done, trust me, I know! This is easily my worst habit. I love being able to keep in touch with friends and family with ease. If I don’t watch it, I will mindlessly flip from app to app in my spare time. The only problem with this is that you forget to enjoy the people you’re actually around.

realistic parenting solutions

6. Live in the moment

Why is it that our generation feels the need to share every detail of our lives? Just because you don’t post about it, doesn’t mean it didn’t happen. Instead of enjoying the moments we live in, we try to take pictures as evidence or to show off. In 20 years, you’ll still have the memories, but if you were so caught up in trying to catalog the event, you might be left with nothing.

realistic parenting solutions

7. Let your kids be kids

I know this one sounds weird, but it’s true. We never want our kids to grow up, but at the same time we want them to be able to do so much. There is a time for everything, don’t force them to grow up just because you’re ready for them to grow up. You’ll look back and wonder where the time went.

realistic parenting solutions

8. Lead by example

Children are the prime example of monkey see, monkey do. Don’t do or say anything in front of them that you wouldn’t be okay with them emulating. Vice versa, showing children the correct way to do a task will make them want to do it more than if you just tell them what to do

realistic parenting solutions